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Gdt | Montreal @ Pittsburgh | 2-19-09 | 7:00 Pm Est


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I don't know where to put this but I'll just say it here...

I missed most of yesterdays game but saw the highlights and stuff.

So we played a much better game than the past 10 or so games...excellent!!! Is our old team back? I guess we'll find out tonight!

I also heard Price had a great game...good! It's good to have our goalie back. :)

Too bad big-head Ovechkin scored that highlight reel goal...but oh well...we still picked up a poiint from it...

And I don't know if it's a good thing that we played good wihtout Kovalev or not...I guess ti's good because maybe Kovalev will want to try hrader when he gets back so he doesn't get moved? Hopefully .

And Schneider got a point in his first game? Good! We scored 3 times on the PP last game right? Wow...I guess Schneider really did ignite our powerplay...

Let's have another great game tonight guys..GO HABS GO!!!

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Come on Weeps you must have something to say on that! I hope you are right and that he will fit in with the pos. mojo and not run the team down. I wish we truly knew what was going on in that locker room. I do feel though in my gut and from what I see day in and day out that it is still Carbo who is the problem.

Something tells me your wish will come true.........( I'm a clairvoyant....hahaha...)

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