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Our Montreal Canadiens Vs. The Philadelphia Flyers


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We know their a physical that can close the gap.

Keys to winning.

Traditional conservative/misstake free hockey.

Winnin the battles in our own end.

Winnin the battles in there end.

No lally gaging in the neutral zone. Get it in even if its dump and chase.

4th line needs to be key. Two 4th line goals.



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This is actually the best team to play righ tnow. If you can't get up for playing the team that bounced you last year you don't belong in this league. Hopefuly this will ensure the habs keep up the hard work that has only returned the past few games! Better tighten up on D though. Give PHilly 40 shots they will bury at least 3 of them.

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Did someone really say they want to see conservative hockey? Any more conservative and we'll average 5 shots on net a game. If we can start and finish the game the same way we did the first period against the Canucks then we'll be fine. We can't expect Halak to be superman every game and turn away 35 shots. The Habs being conservative is getting us no where. We need to forecheck, create chances, move the puck quickly. I think if I see any more of this ridiculous trap I'm going to be sick to my stomache. Kovalev has had an extra jump in his step of late and Plekanec has been hot. When you look at our team, even with Tanguay injured we're still far more superior then most of the teams we play, including Philly. Metropolit was a useless pickup, we really should try and ship Komisarek off and finally get a star player. Not even in 93 when we won the cup we didn't have a superstar forward. We need a Kovalchuk, Crosby, Iginla, Thornton type of player for once....

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