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Habs Pick Metropolit Off Waivers


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I am a little confused here...are we trying to make cap space for a big player or not?

Metropolit is a lower type NHLer that has bounced from team to team.


I do think it is funny though that he comes to the Habs the day after we trade Begin (their heads are equally as bald and shiny) :P:mellow:



je ne comprends pas.

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I don't think Carbo and Gainey are sold on Chipchura. They need to win more faceoffs and Chips isn't doing that. I think Metropolit is a wash with Chipchura and is better in the faceoff circle. And perhaps Chips is part of a future trade package and this is to replace him...who knows what is happening at this time of year.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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