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I went to see the Halifax Mooseheads (Q league) game on Friday night and the were honoring The "Vees" by wearing replica jerseys from the '70's team.

As the Hab's farm team through the '70 and most of the '80's, there were many, many players who came through Halifax's Vees and went on to play many years for the Habs. Some were here for a season or two, and some were only here for a few games. A few of the more memorable players that wore a Vees jersey were: Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, Mike McPhee, Yvon Lambert, Mario Trembley, Michael Plasse, John VanBoxmere, Bunny Laroque, Pierre Mondou, Keith Acton...( there were actually 100 former Voyageurs who went on to play in the NHL)

It was great to see some old Voyageurs jerseys and pennants(I have one) in the stands. The Mooseheads are going to auction off the jerseys next week. I'm planning on getting one.

So my question is: Does anyone else out there have any 'Vees' memories?

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I was born about 25 miles southeast of Rochester New York, so as a habs fan I would go to the War Memorial Auditorium in Rochester to watch the V's play the Amerks, the Amerks were the Bruins farm team back in the 70's so they were usually good games. The games were alot like the NHL, the Amerks were good, but the V's were just that much better!

I didn't get to see Ken Dryden play for them, but one of my teachers said he saw Dryden play in Rochester and he tought he was great.

I did get to see Larry Robinson, Mario Trembly, Plasse and a host of others....what a time it was!!

The Canadiens were winning Stanley Cups and the V's were winning Calder Cups.

I have a puck from an Amerks game flipped to me by one of the V's. We were sitting behind the V's bench, I had my Habs jersey on and we were rooting pretty loudly for the V's. The people around us didn't like it, but oh well....a puck wound up in the bench and one of the players turned around and flipped it to me rather than tossing it back to the ref...what a guy!!!

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I went digging through some of my old stuff and found 3 Voyageurs pucks. I forgot I had those. Along with my 'Vees' pennant and the pucks, I now have a replica Voyageurs jersey with Nova Scotia across the front and the Vee's logo on one shoulder and the Mooseheads logo on the other. They auctioned off the game worn jerseys and I managed to get one. I was the goalie's (Mark Yetman) and it is HUGE!!! but it will look great on my rec room wall next to my autographed Belliveau and Rocket Richard jerseys!

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