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A new team... A new month...
Let's make it 5 wins in a row

Wednesday, March 4th

The trades are now over and so are the Sabres losing 7 of the last 10!


The traveling team

  • 2nd Northeast
    75 Points
    Leaders: Andrei Kostitsyn 22G, Markov 50P

The home team

  • 3rd Northeast
    69 Points
    Leaders: Vanek 32G, Roy 57P

Lines: TBA
Goalies: Lalime (2-9-2 2.91GAA .903%) VS Price (18-12-6 2.78GAA .904%)

Halak and Tangay did not make the trip

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^^^ not nice for a first post after a game day thread.

what you're supposed to say is this....

1. Very nice game day thread. Thanks for taking the time and effort to create it.

2. Price needs to feed off of our positive energy to help him gain his confidence back. He's going to have a great game and with the help of his teammates they will continue to ride its winning streak and make it 5 in a a row.

3. Go Habs Go!

4. Get well soon Halak.

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Thanks for the GDT.............

I'm hoping with the trade deadline out of the way by game time.............nerves will be calmed for those remaining and they can focus on good, solid hockey. It's been a rough couple of weeks and if the Habs can withstand all that's happened and stay together, maybe just maybe they can surprise some folks for the rest of the season. Especially if a goaltender can stay or get hot.

Good luck Habs. Let's see what you're made of!

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This is a huge game for us....Carolina, Florida, Philly, and Pitts all won tonight.

And Carey is playing which makes it that much more important. If we want to go deep in the playoffs, we will need Carey to be that man who takes us deep. So, if we can get Carey on the road to recovery as early as possible, the better for our team.

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Lets go Habs lets get another W. Im so pissed that I just picked up Halak for my fantasy team and I just red that Price is starting im so mad haha.

I expected kind of 60/40 split in the beginning of the season so I took both of them in my fantasy league. :)

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We should be seeing some good playoff type hockey tomorrow boys! I will be very surprised and disappointed if both teams don't come out flying, should be intense. I hope Price comes out and plays like we all know he is capable of. Remember this guy is good, he has had a tough time but I believe he is our future, not to take anything away from Halak, that kid won two of the last 4 games himself. What a great feeling to have that type of goal tending in Montreal once again!! I think it is time for Higgins to break out. When he is firing on all 8 cylinders, he is dangerous every time he gets the puck. Its the time of the year for our leader, Saku to do his thing.He has been playing like the old Saku once again and I expect him to come out balls to the wall. Can you tell I'm excited? Nothing but positive thoughts boys.

Go Habs Go

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If we are going to win this game, we will need more than a goalie. We need our whole team to play. A goalie (or two) can only do so much for a team.

Ageed,i believe that halak was difinitly the key part of our latest wins

I hope price can show us tonight that he indeed ,he can bounce back and has found his groove.

And also,want the team to play their hearts out ,big 2 points up for grabs,go habs

Here's to getting well,will need you healthy,halakkkkkkkkkkkk

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