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Help With Photoshopping Please!

Guest Carey_Price

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Guest Carey_Price


Guys i need your help with a school project. I'll have some images (6-10) that will require photoshopping. I don't want anything to fancy to be done although if you can that would be nice. I just want it to look nice and cool. If you must know, there images will be for a sports website i have to make for my sports marketing class, sport is lacrosse :(. Pictures will be up in a few hours and i need them back ASAP please, since its due in like 2 days lol. Thanks in advance!

Just make this one look nice somehow


K now i want there two merged together please. I would like to have the first one to have the letter S removed from "Knights" and then the word Rider added, and then maybe some nice touches to the image itself somehow.




Thanks guys!

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