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Hey everyone. In my law class I have to do a four page essay on civil disobedience (breaking a law in order to show discontempt against it) and the subject I have chosen is the French customs officers in Quebec (If that's what you call them) and their restrictions and laws against English signs that are not in French. I remember seeing you guys discuss this many times, such as simple "Ye Olde Pub" signs being fined because it wasn't also in French, and how it has been part of what negatively affects our UFA status in the NHL by detering players from coming to Montréal.

Any insight from people who have knowledge of the subject is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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just as a note of interest perhaps: when one talks to the illegal immigrans to the states-i'm referring only to the latinos - in spanish they tend to disregard or pretend not to understand you unless you are their boss in many or most instances. what this is and how it affects them however is entirely secondary to the annoyance it creates in the mind of those who are trying to communicate with them.

i don't know how many signs come with accents, or how canadian law interacts with the laws in the states, but on a personal level in the 40 years i have been working with or around spanish speaking people, i can tell you my level of interest in the politic of the affair of illegal hasn't changed a whit.

if it is action that you seek in writing your paper therefore i would suggest to you that you remember that cultural laws probably didn't happen in just a short amount of time, and focus my interviews on persons even older than me, like some grandfathers who can really understand what takes place. i'm almost 55 so i would try for someone like 75.

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You'll find an english version available on the upper right section of the main page.

Mostly laws and rules regarding the use of english and french here in Québec.

But I don't think this is an issue for a player when the time comes to choose wether or not he wants to play for the Habs.

And I don't see how it could be, as most of us speak both and are free to do so... having only french as an official language for our province was my mom and dad good ol' dream... and has nothing to do with our reality these days ;)

Good luck finding some more informations!

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