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Gary Roberts Announces Retirement


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He sounds content with all; classy story all around. He knows TBay has to play their young guys. Roberts is not their future. Stamkos et al are.

Tampa was a little loopy signing him for two years, especially for the money. But, hey, that's not Roberts fault. ;)

I agree with all of that, but at least honor the guys' contract for the last 18 or so games of the season. Tell him you're not playing him with the big club next year & let him retire with dignity in the offseason.

Like many, I think that Roberts should have hung them up a year or 2 ago, but there's no questioning this guy has unbelievable heart. The things he had to go through in his career...heck if all of the players on our team played with his tenacity we'd be unbeatable.

All the best, Gary. I always hated the flames when I lived in Calgary, but you made watching the games stomachable (is that word? :P)!!

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