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Gm's Vote To Eliminate Stages Fights

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NAPLES, Fla. - The NHL's general managers are hoping to cut down on staged fights.

The GMs would like to see a 10-minute misconduct penalty assessed to players who drop their gloves right after a faceoff.

Referees would also be able to hand out that penalty in other instances where they believe players have engaged in an appointment fight.

The league says that 21.6 per cent of fights this season have occurred immediately after a faceoff.

Another recommendation from the GMs is that the instigator rule be more strictly enforced, particularly when a player starts a fight after a teammate has been bodychecked legally.

The recommendations were revealed during the annual GM's meeting in Naples, Florida. They are subject to approval by the competition committee and board of governors.


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just FYI, even if the GMs vote for it, it still isn't a Rule change...

it then goes to the Competition Committee, who also have to recommend it...

then, it goes before the Board of Governors, and they get to vote on it, then it becomes a Rule change... I don't know what the NHL by-laws say about that vote, whether it's a simple majority or 2/3 or some other threshold...

despite what some people claim, GMs don't call the shots in the NHL... they (along with other management types) are only half of the Competition Committee... and even the Competition Committee only 'recommends' changes... the be-all-and-end-all of the NHL is the Board of Governors...

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I have no problem with the new proposed changes being looked at.

A players health/safety/lively hood when in question,should be the #1 concern.

If they want to take out the staged fighting,so be it.

I am really hoping that they do eliminate the boneheads that start fights after there's been a clean hit.As far as i can see,this is the one that's giving fighting a bad rap in the game,happening oh so often,ticks me off.

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