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Game 73 / Atlanta Thrashers @ Montreal Canadiens / March 24th @ 7h30


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Ummmmm, who's the shooter on our 1st line, Kovy or Tangs? I like where Higgins is,,,,,he belongs there, as he isn't producing like he should. The 3rd line looks to me like it will have some jump, and the 2nd line "should have some results with the Kosti brothers reunited (meaning that the brothers will be happy they are playing back together).

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Oh, no....the Thrashers.....another team lower than us in the standings. Feels like a loss coming. (But then, so does every game nowadays.)

This game could be the turning point....but unfortunately, I think it will only mean the point where the Habs "turn" from being "in" the playoffs to being "out" of the playoffs....and never looking back.

I must commend all you fans for showing signs of optimism. I wish I could just put on a happy face, but for me, the team is going to have to impress me. I've been optimistic for years, and now I'm realistic. They need to earn their respect, just as they need to earn wins. And that won't be an easy task. In fact, against Atlanta, it will be as tough as if it were New Jersey.

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I predict this is the game that will turn things around - we will go on a winning streak from here on out ...

Or at least that's what I hope for - as it is my first habs game with my daughter (her graduation gift) and we managed to get amazing seats even! (imo) .. so win this one guys - I know you can do it!!!

Lets hope that we are all not disappointed tonight,especially your daughter & what a nice gift,going to see a habs game. :D

Hope you folks enjoy,lets go habssssssssssssss

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That's the spirit! :D

The goalie should be announced after practice this morning, but I'll be at work, so I won't be able to update my gdt...

But I'm sure you guys will be right on top of the news.

Also, I read that Higgins' man tonight is Kovalchuk... that's a big job.

Watch out for Valabik, as he's been playing his troublemaker role to perfection in the previous games.

In their homeland, the Thrashers are on a roll, fans are extatic, things are going well...

Let' s show them what an audience of over 21000 can do! B)

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covering other player is for 3rd line 4th line players def. like players, wouldn,t this throw off higgins game bye covering other players ,i thought higgins was a goal scorer shouldn,t somebody be covering him?

Higgins should be a goal scorer but he's just not putting up the points. The effort is still there though, so I think that's why Gainey wants to keep him in the lineup. I think he'll be able to translate that effort into a solid defensive game.

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lines will be :

kovalev - koivu - tanguay

Andrei K - plek - Sergei

Tender - Lapierre - Kosto

Dandenault - Metropolit - d'Ags

markov - komo

hamrlik - gorges

schneider - breezer

goalie = ??? (we'll know a little later today

euh.... where did you see that higgins is scratched?

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