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Rotisserie Baseball Anyone ?


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Hey Folks ;

For the last few years I have gone in an awesome,free roto baseball league online and I thought it would be cool to populate one with Hab fans.

The website is CBS Sportsline (accesed through cbssports.com ) click on fantasy sports,click on baseball,pick a name for your team and then pick a league to join. I am going to call this league Canadian Seamheads III (third year running) . I would like to go with the 5X5 style of scoring which for hitters includes ave.,rbi,hr,steals and runs scored and for pitchers it includes era,wins,saves ,strikeouts and whip. It will be a mixed draft ( AL and NL ). THe draft can either be automated or live. I am wondering what people here may like to do for that. I was thinking of the draft day being April 3 or 4.

The league allows players to be dropped,free agents to be signed,trades and weekly lineup changes to be made. A more indepth description is on the site under 'rules'. The site also features a live scorecard for your players while they are playing,and you can opt in for a constant flow of email updates of your entire roster.

Anyways, let me know if you are interested . It may fill up fast as the league will only host ten teams. As soon as I see some interest here , I will post here that the league is being opened. Thanks for reading !

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