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Martin Gerber Suspension

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So we all probably heard Gerber got suspended from the Capitals/Leafs game last night. What does everyone here think? It's an obvious that he flew off the handle but was the call on the goal still questionable? Thoughts anyone?



You can see some of the highlights from the whole thing halfway through the highlights clip on the right side of the page.

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I think if you move(not touch) a goalie out of position in any way, no goal. I don't think it should've a goal.

I agree with the suspension. Hey, if you give an inch, they'll take a foot. If you allow a goalie to push a ref, who knows where it leads. I know it was hardly a push, and it's not like players are going to start killing refs for bad calls if we don't suspend players for anything they do to refs, but even the smallest noises can create great avalanches.

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The goal was questionable but the reaction was an automatic suspension. No way around that.

There are plenty of bad/questionable calls in almost every game - you cant fly off the handle. There's a difference between passion & crossing the line. Gerber did, its life. He'll do his time & be back.

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the TSN highlights version showed the shooting of the puck (though not what Gerber was aiming at), the youtube version of the incident I saw didn't show that part of the incident...

I don't know if the 'bump' was going to be called, it looked pretty 'incidental' to me... the Referee was skating to the box, Gerber skating to him, and they bumped, is the Referee totally faultless in such incidents? the shooting of the puck was a no-brainer that would have got him suspended regardless...

as for the goal, I could go either way, if the Referee claims he could see the puck, and I don't believe Gerber was able to freeze it, then it's a goal...

as for Gerber getting pushed into the net, if you watch the overhead replay, Gerber was already halfway across the goalline before Laich got to him... then Gerber 'fell' back further into the net, almost completely across the goalline, was he trying to freeze the puck by sitting on it? Laich evidently believed he could see it, since he poked at it... I think Gerber's own actions might be what brought the puck across the goalline and he only got 'pushed' by Laich after he was already in the goal and sitting on Laich's stickblade (the dark object we see for a second by Gerber's rear in the net)...

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