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Broken Hockey Sticks


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I can never understand why players don't go to solid wood on the PK and in the last minute defending a one-goal lead. Always kills me when the opposition scores because they were really two men up, not one (a defender broke their stick in their own end while trying to ice the puck). :blink:

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I know Gretzky once commented on the composite sticks. Called them the "biggest **** (In his words) ever".

I feel for the guy though. Wooden sticks used to be dirt cheap, but now I can't find any under 40$ due to lack of production. At least if they had aluminum sticks that never broke, but noooooo, they stopped producing those too! All these companies are run by greed. Their motto? If it lasts, we can't sell it.

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My theory is that they started to make sticks more fragile when they heard that there was a new rule that if an opponent breaks your stick, they get a penalty.

i highly doubt that is why they made them. its just evolution. wood (heavy, yet durable) - aluminum (lighter-durable) - composite (extremely light, but not as durable)

i know that when i went from wood to composite i noticed a big difference. you dont feel like your holding a tone a weight. which is why they were made. lighter means better control of your stick and a better feel for where the puck is without having to always look down.

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