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Game 77 / Montreal Canadiens @ New York Islanders / Tsn+rds 7h00


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Tough spot for Halak to come in cold like this. All I want from him tonight is solid goaltending. Not great, not spectacular. He doesn't have to steal the game, just make the stops he's supposed to make. If he does that, and the team plays the way it's been playing recently, we should be fine.

Ahhhhhhhh,he'll be find.

He must have just been itching to get back in,i would supposed.

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Whats this garbage of Sports being just entertainment.

If that the way it is for you fine but don't judge others who value it more.

For me the Habs are a massive part of my life. I eat sleep breathe the Habs.. I bleed Blue Blanc et Rouge.

I can not compare the Habs to some TV show or movie.. Its not entertainment its far more then that.

In my heart and in my soul the Habs are there with my family and my God... maybe not as inportant but not far off at all.. The Habs are my passion they bring me joy in life.. Not that other things don't but the Habs hold a very special place in my heart.

My other favourite sports teams like the Jays,49ers,Argos,Impact yadda yadda are entertainment but the Habs are soo much more.

I may be getting married to the love of my life... but the Habs in a way are my mistress the only one I will ever want or have.

Well said! I'm sure there are many fans who feel this way (myself included), and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it!!

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We got all of that losing with no excuses games behind us... Tonight, I guarantee a win!

Tonight is a win, vs the Leafs is a win, vs Ott is a win...umm vs Bos is a win aaaand vs Pitts is a loss in OT or SO.

...thats what I predict....oh and btw, BOS is really not wishing to play against us on April 9th or in the playoffs.

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Wow I've just learned something on the radio. Less than 2 weeks before Carbo got fired, Gainey told him : don't worry, I have your back, I will leave by myself before you leave the organization because I know you have to deal with a lot of injuries (Tanguay, Lang, Latendresse), then Sergei, Andrei k were in trouble with the police, Kovalev spent his time trying to bring the 2 brothers back to reality and it didnt work, Higgins and Price got caught in bad situations too, etc. Bang, 2 weeks after that, Gainey fires Carbo and Carbo told his friends and family he will never forgive Gainey after what he did to him. There are many stories to be revealed later.

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