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When Did "dangle" Enter The Hockey Lexicon?

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I had not watched hockey much between the early 90s and 2005, at which time I started watching the game in earnest again. One thing I notice is the announcers talking about a player "dangling" out of the corner. The only words I know for puck handling are either "stickhandling" or "deking". What the hell is dangling, and when did it become common?

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What the hell is dangling

Good question. I once wathced a video of Koivu v.s Kovalev and someone wrote a message about the video that Kovalev was intense at dangling...I was like "I didn't see him holding anything."

According to wikipedia: In ice hockey, a dangle is a variety of moves where a player dekes (fakes) out a goalie or player.

Sounds like stickhandling to me. Weird.

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Probably about the same time as "Halfboards" and "wrister". I believe these to be influenced by the hockey coverage from our 'friends south of the boarder'. The FOX network probably snuck them in while pitching the 'blue streak puck'. How's that workin' for them?

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