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Why Don"t The Referees Stick To The Rules?

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Why is it every year when we get close to the playoffs(or especially when were in the playoffs) the officials seem to forget what interference, charging (eh what's that?) and boarding mean? Does NHL mean the No Honour League? Wake up officials ; if you can"t call the game then go back to the minor leagues. I am sick and tired of officials (referees) turning their backs, allowing the bigger but slower teams being allowed to run the faster skating teams- anyone out there seeing this too? I'm sure there is.

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As a referee myself I must agree with you..Especially this year it seems that the Referee's are against us if that would of been Pleckanec he would of been suspended...And cross checking in the back like Avery did and you can clearly see the referee looking at him and not even making the call....Its all horse crap with them referee's this year and tired of the same ***** every game in and game out

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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