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Game #82 - Penguins @ Habs


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Well it seems that the guys were not happy at all after the game, or after a 4th consecutive loss I should say. Price was pissed and Lapierre went to encourage him after the game because he was so frustrated about the end result. Just because it doesnt change anything about if we make the playoffs or not, doesnt mean you can,t actually try to give a good performance in front of your fans in the last game of the regular season. It isnt a good way to start the playoffs, without any momentum going, especially when you see that the D is so miserable and that even if you give a stellar performance in net, there is nobody to back you up.

Now they can rest for the playoffs and improve the game at that point in time! :)


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Oh stop your whining, most of you sound like a bunch of school kids that had their lunch stolen.

Next week is a new season everybody starts with 0 points, I am confident they will give it there best shot.

If Price is better than Thomas then we have a good shot.

that is our key in this series, Price

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For the game - the HABS had a brain cramp on that Powerplay :blink::huh: .

But for the Bruins --Lucic just cowers when BGL Challenges him :lol::D .


there has been too many brain cramps on PPs of late

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