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Game #82 - Penguins @ Habs


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I guess with both Toronto & Ottawa out of the playoffs......Ontario will be forced to watch the Montreal series :D .......

Schneider must have enough marcaine (nerve block injections) & mobicox (an anti-inflamatory) in him to continue to play the way he has. I wonder if he'd be playing if this was at the start of his career rather than nearing the end.

End of first period.......the Pens down one man to freak injury (Staal) ....Montreal....none (keep it up guys)

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Does ak know how to score ?

He scored 23 goals this season, give me a break. That pass from Gorges on the open net was a very difficult one to take on the one-timer and it looks like a Pen got a stick on it partially as he was winding up. He's been working hard, getting shots on net, and forcing the play with speed and stick-handling.

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