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Lemaire Calls It

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Good lord no, I want an entertaining fun team, not a bore fest. I watch hockey for the fast pace and excitement, if the Habs become what Minnesota has in the past (they were better at times this season) I will likely be watching much less. I may love the Habs however I love hockey more.

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We have been coached as a defensive team most of the season. It doesn't work. With all our good forwards, when they are healthy, we need a coach that can find the balance between releasing the hounds and playing too defensive.

Correction, we were poorly coached as a defensive team. :)

There is nothing Jacques Lemaire doesn't know about defensive hockey. If by some chance he became Habs coach, I would be willing to bet that we'd be a helluva better at playing an effective neutral-zone trap.

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From which perspective? From a fan standpoint yes. From a business standpoint, yes. From an operation standpoint no. However all 3 of those things intertwine as fans are entertained by winning as much as business increases due to winning.

Agreed. I hate Lemaire hockey, and if he became our coach, games would be much more tedious to watch, but the man knows how to build effective defensive teams that win games. Success is never unwelcome.

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I'm sure he can't be worse than Carbo protecting a 1-1 tie in the first period.


Honestly though, if you had to choose between Gainey coaching or Lemaire....I mean the answer is obvious.

Lemaire has coached the wild into the playoffs 3 out of 8 seasons. I don't want lemaire as a coach in montreal. I don't know but that looks a lot like Craig MacTavish's record. and I'm on the record as saying MacT is the worst coach in the NHL.

Yeah but look what he had to work with.

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