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Round 1: Playoff Game 1: Mtl Vs. Bos


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Guest habs1952
Quoting yourself with your original post, within your original post... now that's impressive! Your Delorian must have a real nice flux capacitor! :lol:

EDIT: WOW! it was hard to organize your post to show what I meant!

LOL. They were actually 2 separate posts which got put in the same post. Don't know how it happened. I blame the server being so slow last night. :lol:

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From Miami FL to Vancouver BC is 5543.240 km to be exact, according to mapquest. I have no idea how the trip is driving through the US however I drove from Montreal to Vancouver and back, good lord is it boring, especially Ontario.


You did read what I wrote though, right? A) im not in vancouver (500km from there) and B ) the 4200 km I noted was "as the bird flys" - I got the info from a florida based website :P

Good lord we're off topic.

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can anyone tell me what the scrum was all about at the end of the game involving Kessel and Lapps???...Bob Cole made it sound like sour grapes on our part but something made Lapps pissed off anyone know??

Basically just sour grapes. As soon as they scored the empty netter, Lapierre was in Kessel's face.

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I wonder what Boston's lineup will be in game 2, will Julien stick with a winning combo, or will he bump Lucic up and Axelsson down?

I suspect he will change some things. They may have one, but only barely. If it werent for the penalty & the ensuing PK miscommunication gaffe, we could potentially have been up 1-0 in this series. I dont see Julien as standing pat with his coaching at this point.

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Glen was good yesterday, he was actually one of the best in our team IMO. I honestly thought that Lappy's line would be better tho, because it seemed to me that they were the kind of line that fitted perfectly for the playoffs but they were...just okay...and Kostopoulos was awful on a few occasions and it's something I wasnt used to see from him. And yes #27 tied the game for us but we have to be honest here, except for this incredible rocket slapshot, I didnt see him much during the game. Maybe is it because he was constantly playing with Laraque and it kinda affected his play, which could be a good reason since it's quite different from playing with Tanguay, but I saw him make many bad passes and turnovers that I hadnt seen him make in a while. And btw, Koivu was stellar at the end of the game, he litteraly crashed Chara into the boards twice and even stole him the puck. it was very impressive.

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I suspect he will change some things. They may have one, but only barely. If it werent for the penalty & the ensuing PK miscommunication gaffe, we could potentially have been up 1-0 in this series. I dont see Julien as standing pat with his coaching at this point.
Yes, agree. He certainly didn't last play-offs. "Ol' predictable" Carbo was the one standing pat on everything, including the Hab PP that Julien et al had been studying to death. :rolleyes:
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After watching the replay it was obviously exaggerated by Axelsson, but I think most of Boston's small forwards were pulling that half the game anyway.

Ya it's called Diving and it's a penalty that like others was not being called.

The hit in front of the net last night was nothing but a dive by Axelsson. The same dive if you fast forward 30 seconds up the ice that went without a call near their blueline.

What about in the first 3 or 4 minutes of the game? Lucic falls into the boards 'himself', we didn't touch him until he made contact with the boards and Montreal player put his hands on Lucic shoulder as if to stop himself from running into Lucic on his knees. We got a penalty. Was that a good penalty? Garbage and the ref was no more than 20 feet away. How could he miss Lucic falling by himself?

How about Ryder who takes out our goalie even ripping his blocker off, no penalty or the guy skating backwards into our goalie.. no penalty.

Chara crosschecking Laraque behind the net like 8 times, no penalty. Laracque being held by 2 players in front of the net, no call. Ref was beyond useless and I had an audience to back me up, but I called it last night. I said, ref is going to call a cheap penalty I can feel it. Not even 5 mins later we got that call in front of the net.

Refs and the NHL are so transparent I barely have to put an effort into it these days. Refs make mistakes but its RARE when it's to the benefit of Montreal. Conspiracy or biased? call it what you want. NHL doesn't care for Canadian teams so they make it as hard as possible for them. Was there any discipline for our injuries by 2 teams who weren't even contenders anymore in playoffs? None, not a word. NHL and Bettman are trying to fill seats in the US, not Canada. Montreal is nothing but a cash provider for all the bottom dwelling scum in the NHL. I don't wear rose colored glasses like a lot of people. I've got +20 years of playing competitive hockey, coaching and refereeing. I know what the rules are.

P.S. Were you really surprised when the Islanders won first pick? I wasn't.

Btw, don't forget the Plekanec "elbow" to the head. He barely brushed against his helmet with his hand and got a penalty because the Bruins player started holding his head as if he got hit with a hammer.

Edit: Now that I think about it, Claude Julien seems like a coaching genius. He knows the Habs will try to counter the Bruins physicality, so what does he tell his players? Dive and dive often because the refs are expecting dirty play but cannot catch it all.

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Is Pleks ok? he's pretty much invisible, I like him, but I feel like he's is useless these days.

That is because he is useless, he has no speed, he is taking stupid penalties (laziness), he's softer than ever, his vision is not there anymore! There is no more hope for him! This is the time that players like him and Kostitsyn are supposed to shine; they're not!

This is what I would do for game two:

Tanguay - Koivu - Kovalev

A. Kostitsyn - Higgins - S. Kostitsyn

Latendresse - Lapierre - D'Agostini

Laraque - Metropolit - Kostopolous

Gorges- Komisarek

Hamrlik - Weber

Schneider - Dandenault


Dags and Kostop could switch if it screws up Laps and Lats too much but I think with Dags looking for open ice in the slot and these two guys working the boards we have a btter chance of getting some scoring from that line!

Also, it is obvious (in my eyes) that the Kostitsyn Brothers play very well together, Plekanec was bringing them down before SK got hurt.

We need to reunite the top line! Rotate Kovalev for Kostop every now and then on 4th line instead of BGL playing on the top line (that worked but there was no pop in that line)!

If only Lang was OK we could easily sit Pleks with no harm, Higgins is not the best FO guy but I think that he would do a better job at tying the opposition up after the draw.

On defense, Brisebois was absolutely horrible! He makes mistake after mistake! They are always big, huge mistakes that look so ridiculous! He's done this his entire 1000+ game career! It is a hard sell to put Weber in but I think that he fared pretty well in Boston when he played and actually looked pretty calm and seldom makes bad plays with the puck!

I can't wait for game 2....I seriously think that we're going to win this one in convincing fashion, I feel that we are playing the Bruins better and better every game!



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