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  • 4 months later...

Il y a un membre du côté anglo qui a écrit un rap sur ce qui s'est passé pendant l'été dans l'entourage du CH.

Voici le video et les paroles. Personnellement, je trouve ces dernières assez intéressantes :)

"Movin' On..."

Aye, Let me kick it to you right quick, man

Bob Gainey pulled some awesome moves this summer man

Anybody who ever doubted him

I'm sure you dont feel the same way now

Shout out to Bobby G

This ones for you...


Oh (eyyy)

A Habs fan for soo long (soo long)

Koivu, Kovalev are gone (are gone)

but the Habs are moving on, moving on

And oh (eyyy)

This summer is really long (too long)

But training camp is almost on (most on)

The Habs are moving on, moving on

The Habs 100th season was supposed to go right.

Finish number one then go for twenty five.

Time goes by, stuff goes wrong,

Coach gets fired, stuff get blown

Way outta proportion, way past discussion

Gillettes selling the team, and mobster accusations,

Barely made the playoffs, killed in four,

10 UFAs walking out that door.

June 29th, Im kinda scared

No ones signed, free agencys here.

Plus whos gonna sign with Montreal?

Gaineys plan? Overhaul!

Started with a controversial trade.

Every single hater said Gainey overpaid.

In New York, Sather grins.

He stole McDonnagh AND Higgins.

What the hell Bob?

Whatd you do? No GM would have pulled that move.

Late that night, couldnt sleep

Whats gonna happen to our team?

But Bobs not like other GMs

Had 22 million left to spend,

Boy he put that to good use,

Replaced the talent he let loose!

Gill and Mara and Spacek,

Who cares about Komisarek,

Gionta Gomez reunite,

Moen got heart and he can fight,

Cammalleri? What can I say?

I loved that kid back in L.A.

Snipers on his resume

This team is looking good I say!


Still people are doubting, questions lurk,

Is old Bob done or still at work?

Will Price bounce back or will he fold?

Will Latendresse score twenty goals?

Under Jacques Martin, what will happen?

Which player steps up to be our next captain?

And up front they say were too small,

Which rookies step up when they get the call?

What about our second line,

Will Plekanec flop or will he shine?

And what about the chemistry?

The young players maturity?

Will OByrne put one in his own net,

Sorry, that one I wont forget.

Komisarek to the Leafs? Youre kidding me bro!

I dare you to walk through the Bell Center door.

Saku we must say say goodbye

Best of luck in Anaheim,

Kovalev our hearts you stole,

Jaw dropping dekes, and crazy goals,

But youre agent just took too long,

Got no choice, were moving on.

Best of luck in Ottawa,

Rip it up with Alfie and Spezza.

This is the year, the stars align,

Its time for our Habs to shine.

The skeptics, well theyll always doubt,

Critics dont know what they talking bout.

The hockey news ranked us in 8th

Its time to rub it in their face

Show every one the Habs are king,

Bring Stanley back home in the spring.


I turn my head to the Flames,

That defence is mighty fine,

I turn my head to the Ducks,

Pronger left Anaheim!

So I turn my head to the Leafs,

40 years, just stop trying

The Habs are moving on

Everythings gonna be alright

I turn my head to the Sens

Heatly continues to whine

I turn my head to the Yotes

Blackberry boy still tryin

So I look around the league

Tanguay taking long to sign!

Until the season starts,

Imma play NHL 09!


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