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As I've pointed out before....I'm a Fan....not a cheerleader (I leave cheerleading for the Leaf Nation). [they've had 42 years of practice]

I've only been following this team since 1952 and NEVER, and I mean NEVER have I seen the management of this team, some of the following (usually called fans), and press keep such a blind eye out for a single player in my life. It's excuse, after excuse, after excuse, over a guy who has never proven anything in the NHL of consequence. Look people........ playing well over 20 games does not make a career.....it's called a streak....or some would call it a run of luck. Compare him to Mason of Columbus......not even close.

In the late 60's Rejane Houle & the Jr. Canadiens outdrew the Stanley Cup Canadiens and Houle was supposed to be part of the potenet offence for the 70's. What did Rejane Houle do in the NHL......he became a pop-gun scorer with above average defensive skills. He got benched, he was afforded little ice time when he sucked until he earned his place on the team. Yes, I used that dirty word....EARNED.

The last time Montreal had a real goaltender conflict was between Dryden & Tony Esposito (a guy who holds the modern day shut-out record) after Montreal traded him to Chicago. They kept Dryden....who knew the formula to winning. Had Montreal not traded Tony O.....Ken Dryden couldn't have held up the Habs for ransome when he sat out for a better contract for a season.....and perhaps Tony O would have his name engraved on the Cup instead.

I've seen volumes of excuses written for Price since Gainey made the mistake of bringing him up at the wrong time. That is BG's fault....not the team. Just like the dumb trade he made for Huet......2nd round to Washington....you actually believe he couldn't get a first round draft pick from another bottom feeder team...if not last year...maybe for this year. BG is Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over his head as a GM. And some of the fans are calling him out on that very fact.

BG said that Carbo was his best move...........somehow the fans last year deluded themselves into believing that our Habs ran away with the division last year......THEY DIDN't ....had Boston even won half of the games against Montreal last year...they'd be struggling to make 8th place. Their powerplay gave them 1st place....so what does BG do with that...BOOM!

What other brilllant move did BG make last year....he traded away the quarter back of the powerplay (Streit) who by the way led his team (Islanders) in scoring this year........a player who could play forward & defence & is younnger than Scneider......bad move after bad move after bad move. BG forced Carbo to play his "flop" (Golden boy) when he was stone cold & every other GM in the NHL would have benched him. The club fell in the standings like Ottawa did the year before.

BG had the same problem with Theodore........... after he signed him to a huge contract & the guy couldn't stop a beach-ball. When Julien wanted to play Huet....so the team could win......BG fired him and took over and led them out of the playoffs. What happened...he lost a very good coach & ended up having to get rid of a less than average goaltender he paid a mountain of money to.

It's nice to spend Mr. Gillette's money Bob...isn't it?

BG has a big issue in admitting when he's completely blown it & this team & it's following pay the PRICE.

People would call me a Price-hater...that's the last thing I am......I look for talent and when I don't see it.....I look for it elsewhere. Vince Lombardi said it all........winning isn't everything...it's the only thing. Anything else is for LOSERS.

When fans spend more time making excuses over players.....it's time for management to change the way it's done.

Somehow Carbo could not figure out how to put Kovy, Koviu & Tanguay together........some coach

Price's play in NY disqualified him from any of the rest of the games in the regular season. He has to fight himself into a job. The only reason Montreal is still in the playoff hunt is because Halak stood on his head during his streak of 4 wins until he got the Price Flu. He should be rewarded with ice time and if he stinks then play your back-up.

I'm a realist.....I'm a true fan....and I want my team to win......when I see players taking up space on the ice destroying the confidence of a team I stay bench the bum. Each player is supposed to play their position. Price on Tuesday...had no idea why he was there. Komi had to play goal.....that's not his job.

Go sit in the corner Carey....this is not kindergarden....this is the storied franchaise of the Montreal Canadiens. You are cashing a big fat pay cheque every two weeks that you do not earn.

Excuses is for LOSERS. .......& I've heard more excuses on your play than I've heard in 57 years following the team for any other player who wore the uniform..

Someone please name one other player who had no NHL past and a pretty awful playoff, and stank it up in the second half of the season who have been given so many undeserved chances to play.

BG has turned this from a team sport to BG's favorites only get to play.

My prediction...if Price is in nets......Boston 6 - Montreal 1

If Halak is in nets Boston 4 - Montreal 3 (OT)

Hey this is exactly the point. Truer words have not been spoken this year. Why do we pamper EDIT Price and BG?

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