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they had a Stanley Cup Playoffs site last year that also had all the teams' Media Guides which was interesting... it doesn't appear as though there will be a playoff-specific site this season, don't know if the Media Guides will be added to the NHL site...

it looks like they intend to keep everything on the NHL site but market the Playoff stuff as 'The Portal', which is not actually a separate site -- actually, it is a site, just not the NHL's property... bloody marketing geniuses :rolleyes:

can anyone figure out what http://www.theportal.com is?

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Some girl was looking at me turning the dial thing on the phone (which was right beside the Jenny thing) trying to enter the site somehow, and she was giving me such a weird look. I was thinking "it's not what it looks like! It has to do with hockey! I'm not looking for a good time with Jenny!" :lol::lol::lol:

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