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2009 Iihf World Championship

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Tournament Format

The 16 participating teams will be split into four groups according to their IIHF World Ranking.

Preliminary Round

A round-robin will see each team compete against the others of its group – making for three games per team. The group's three best-placed teams will then move on to compete in the Qualifying Round, while the last-placed team goes to the Relegation Round.

Qualifying Round

Split into two groups, the twelve teams will play on – making for a further three games for each team.

Relegation Round

The four last-placed teams will continue to play in the Relegation Round. The two relegated teams will be determined by round-robin.


Following the Qualifying Round, the four best placed teams in each group will compete in the four Quarter-final games. The two last-placed teams in each group drop out of the tournament.


The winners of the Quarter Finals will compete in the two Semi-Final games.

Bronze Medal Game

The two losers of the Semi-Finals will play each other for third and fourth place, and the Bronze Medal.

Gold Medal Game

The winners of the Semi-Finals will compete in an ultimate game for the World Championship title.

GROUP A - playing in Zürich-Kloten

Canada: World Championship Ranking 2008: 2nd place. World Ranking 2008: 1st place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1920. Population of 33 million with 545,000 active players. Most successful World Championship nation to date: 24 times gold, 12 times silver and 9 times bronze. www.hockeycanada.ca

Slovakia: World Championship Ranking 2008: 13th place. World Ranking 2008: 8th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1993. Population of 5.5 million with 10,000 active players. World Championship successes: One medal of each – gold, silver and bronze. www.szlh.sk

Belarus: World Championship Ranking 2008: 9th place. World Ranking 2008: 9th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1992. Population of 10 million with 3,000 active players. No World Championship medal yet. www.hockey.by

Hungary: Advanced to Group A in 2008. World Ranking 2008: 20th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1927. Population of 10 million with 2,000 active players. No World Championship medal yet. www.icehockey.hu

GROUP B - playing in Berne

Russia: Titleholder and winner of the World Championship 2008. World Ranking 2008: 2nd place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1952. Population of 140 million with 82,000 active players. World Championship successes: 24 times gold, 8 times silver and 7 times bronze (including the Soviet Union). www.fhr.ru

Switzerland: Hosting the World Championship for the 10th time in 2008 (the international record). World Championship Ranking 2008: 7th place. World Ranking 2008: 7th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1908. Population of 7.5 million with 25,000 active players. World Championship successes: 1 silver and 8 bronze medals.


Germany: World Championship Ranking 2008: 10th place. World Ranking 2008: 10th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1909. Population of 82 million with 30,000 active players. World Championship successes: 2 silver and 2 bronze medals (including West Germany). www.deb-online.de

France: World Championship Ranking 2008: 14th place. World Ranking 2008: 18th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1908. Population of 61 million with 17,000 active players. No World Championship medal yet. www.hockeyfrance.com

GROUP C - playing in Berne

Sweden: World Championship Ranking 2008: 4th place. World Ranking 2008: 3rd place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1912. Population of 9 million with 64,000 active players. World Championship successes: 8 times gold, 18 times silver and 14 times bronze. www.swehockey.se

USA: World Championship Ranking 2008: 6th place. World Ranking 2008: 6th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1920. Population of 301 million with 450,000 active players. World Championship successes: 2 times gold, 9 times silver and 5 times bronze. www.usahockey.com

Latvia: World Championship Ranking 2008: 11th place. World Ranking 2008: 11th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1931. Population of 2 million with 4,000 active players. Not yet on a World Championship podium. www.lhf.lv

Austria: Returned to Group A in 2008. World Ranking 2008: 16th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1912. Population of 8 million with 10,000 active players. 2 times World Championship bronze. www.eishockey.at

GROUP D - playing in Zürich-Kloten

Finland: World Championship Ranking 2008: 3rd place. World Ranking 2008: 4th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1928. Population of 5 million with 62,000 active players. World Championship successes: 1 gold, 6 silver and 3 bronze medals. www.finhockey.fi

Czech Republic: World Championship Ranking 2008: 5th place. World Ranking 2008: 5th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1908. Population of 10 million with 95,000 active players. World Championship successes: 11 times gold, 13 times silver and 19 times bronze (including Czechoslovakia). www.hokej.cz

Norway: World Championship Ranking 2008: 8th place. World Ranking 2008: 12th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1935. Population of 4.5 million with 6,500 active players. No World Championship medal yet. www.hockey.no

Denmark: World Championship Ranking 2008: 12th place. World Ranking 2008: 13th place. Member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1946. Population of 5.5 million with 4,000 active players. Not yet on a World Championship podium. www.ishockey.dk


24 Apr Fri 16:15 Bern 1 GER - RUS

24 Apr Fri 16:15 Kloten 2 BLR - CAN

24 Apr Fri 20:15 Bern 3 SUI - FRA

24 Apr Fri 20:15 Kloten 4 SVK - HUN

25 Apr Sat 16:15 Bern 5 USA - LAT

25 Apr Sat 16:15 Kloten 6 NOR - FIN

25 Apr Sat 20:15 Bern 7 SWE - AUT

25 Apr Sat 20:15 Kloten 8 CZE - DEN

26 Apr Sun 16:15 Bern 9 SUI - GER

26 Apr Sun 16:15 Kloten 10 SVK - BLR

26 Apr Sun 20:15 Bern 11 RUS - FRA

26 Apr Sun 20:15 Kloten 12 CAN - HUN

27 Apr Mon 16:15 Bern 13 USA - AUT

27 Apr Mon 16:15 Kloten 14 CZE - NOR

27 Apr Mon 20:15 Bern 15 LAT - SWE

27 Apr Mon 20:15 Kloten 16 FIN - DEN

28 Apr Tue 16:15 Bern 17 RUS - SUI

28 Apr Tue 16:15 Kloten 18 HUN - BLR

28 Apr Tue 20:15 Bern 19 FRA - GER

28 Apr Tue 20:15 Kloten 20 CAN - SVK

29 Apr Wed 16:15 Bern 21 AUT - LAT

29 Apr Wed 16:15 Kloten 22 DEN - NOR

29 Apr Wed 20:15 Bern 23 SWE - USA

29 Apr Wed 20:15 Kloten 24 FIN - CZE

30 Apr Thu 16:15 Bern 25 1B - 2C

30 Apr Thu 16:15 Kloten 26 2A - 3D

30 Apr Thu 20:15 Bern 27 2B - 3C

30 Apr Thu 20:15 Kloten 28 1A - 2D

01 May Fri 16:15 Bern 29 4B - 4D

01 May Fri 16:15 Kloten 30 4C - 4A

01 May Fri 20:15 Bern 31 1C - 3B

01 May Fri 20:15 Kloten 32 1D - 3A

02 May Sat 16:15 Bern 33 3B - 3C

02 May Sat 16:15 Kloten 34 2D - 3A

02 May Sat 20:15 Bern 35 1B - 1C

02 May Sat 20:15 Kloten 36 1D - 2A

03 May Sun 12:15 Bern 37 4B - 4C

03 May Sun 12:15 Kloten 38 4A - 4D

03 May Sun 16:15 Bern 39 2B - 2C

03 May Sun 16:15 Kloten 40 3D - 1A

03 May Sun 20:15 Bern 41 3C - 1B

03 May Sun 20:15 Kloten 42 2A - 2D

04 May Mon 12:15 Bern 43 4A - 4B

04 May Mon 12:15 Kloten 44 4D - 4C

04 May Mon 16:15 Bern 45 2C - 3B

04 May Mon 16:15 Kloten 46 3A - 3D

04 May Mon 20:15 Bern 47 1C - 2B

04 May Mon 20:15 Kloten 48 1A - 1D

06 May Wed 16:15 Bern 49 QF1 - QF1

06 May Wed 20:15 Bern 50 QF2 - QF2

07 May Thu 16:15 Bern 51 QF3 - QF3

07 May Thu 20:15 Bern 52 QF4 - QF4

08 May Fri 16:15 Bern 53 SF1 - SF1

08 May Fri 20:15 Bern 54 SF2 - SF2

10 May Sun 16:00 Bern 55 L53 - L54

10 May Sun 20:30 Bern 56 W53 - W54

Swiss Post felt that the sporting event of 2009 for Switzerland merited a special stamp.


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some team notes:


Lindy Ruff behind Canada bench

Canada names coaching staff for 2009 World Championship


CALGARY, Canada – Canada announced on Sunday that Lindy Ruff (Buffalo Sabres) will serve as head coach for Canada at the 2009 IIHF World Championship in Switzerland. Dave Tippett (Dallas Stars) and Barry Trotz (Nashville Predators) will join Ruff as associate coaches.

Ruff, 48, is the longest-tenured current coach in the NHL, having just completed his 12th season with Buffalo. The Warburg native, leads all current NHL coaches with 438 wins, and is the all-time winningest coach in Sabres history, helping Buffalo capture its first Presidents’ Trophy in 2006-07. Ruff played 691 games in the NHL, serving as Buffalo’s captain from 1987-89. It is Ruff’s first opportunity as a coach for Canada in international hockey.

Tippett, 47, has been the head coach of the Dallas Stars for the past six seasons, leading the team to five playoff appearances, two 50-win seasons, two Pacific Division titles (2003, 2006) and the Western Conference Final in 2008. As a player, the native of Moosomin represented Canada at two Olympics (1984, 1992), winning a silver medal at the 1992 Olympics in Albertville. He also played with Canada’s national team in 1983-84 and 1991-92, appearing in 74 international games and recording 35 points.

Trotz, 46, has been the head coach of the NHL’s Nashville Predators since the franchise’s debut in the NHL in 1998. Trotz has served an assistant coach for Canada at two IIHF World Championships (2002, 2003), capturing a gold medal in 2003. The native of Winnipeg is the second longest-tenured coach in the NHL, behind Ruff.

“As a management group, we are very pleased with the coaching staff that we have been able to assemble,” said Armstrong. “This coaching staff brings great professional and international experience that will serve us well as we strive to win a gold medal in Switzerland.”

- 30 -

Canada names initial roster

20 NHL players on preliminary list for 2009 Worlds


CALGARY, Canada – Hockey Canada named its first 20 players for the upcoming World Championship.

The list includes mostly players from NHL teams that failed to qualify for the playoffs. 13 of the players already have World Championship experience and all rookies have international experience on national junior teams.

More players will be watched for the remaining spots in the roster including potential candidates in the playoffs that could be added after the first round.

Hockey Canada also added two Canadians playing in Europe as alternate players with goalkeeper Fred Brathwaite (Adler Mannheim, Germany) and defenceman Joel Kwiatkowski (Severstal Cherepovets, Russia).

The 20-man roster as of April 13:

Goalkeepers: Josh Harding (Minnesota), Dwayne Roloson (Edmonton).

Defencemen: Drew Doughty (Los Angeles), Dan Hamhuis (Nashville), Chris Phillips (Ottawa), Luke Schenn (Toronto), Shea Weber (Nashville), Ian White (Toronto).

Forwards: Colby Armstrong (Atlanta), Shane Doan (Phoenix), Mike Fisher (Ottawa), Dany Heatley (Ottawa), Shawn Horcoff (Edmonton), Matthew Lombardi (Phoenix), James Neal (Dallas), Derek Roy (Buffalo), Martin St. Louis (Tampa Bay), Jason Spezza (Ottawa), Steven Stamkos (Tampa Bay), Scottie Upshall (Phoenix).

- 30 -

Czech Republic

Jagr targeting a Czech comeback

The Czech Republic's ice hockey idol Jaromir Jagr is having goal- getting thoughts for his country ahead of the 2009 IIHF World Championship.


"My health and physical fitness permitting, I'd want to go for it ", said the 37 year-old offence force to the Czech newspaper "Sport". Jagr had left the Czech national team three years ago and is presently on contract to Russia's first-league team, Avangard Omsk.

Jagr won Olympic gold in Nagano in 1998, and also won the World Championships title for the Czech Republic in Austria in 2005. Thanks to his Stanley Cup successes with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and 1992, the long-standing NHL star is also a member of the "Triple Gold Club" for his collective triumphs at the Olympics, the World Championships and in the NHL.

As a five-times top scorer, Jagr switched from the NHL to Russia last year. In his homeland he was named Best Player of the Year all of nine times.

- 30 -


Streit to play in Berne

NHL All-Star joins host team at World Championship


ZURICH – New York Islanders defenceman Mark Streit will be released to play on home ice for Switzerland at the 2009 IIHF World Championship after the Islanders missed playoffs.

With Streit, host Switzerland will have the most successful Swiss skater in the NHL on its roster. Streit was the first Swiss to play in the NHL All-Star Game and is nominated for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy. Streit is one of the top paid sportsmen from Switzerland with a five-year, $20.5m contract.

His appearance was in jeopardy when he was sidelined with a groin injury until last week but the blueliner was ready in time and played the remaining Islanders game.

Streit, 31, joined the Islanders last year after two seasons with the Montreal Canadiens and was the team’s scoring leader with 56 points (16+40) in 74 games. He also ranks seventh in defencemen scoring, sixth in defencemen goal scoring, and ninth in time on ice per game (25:13 minutes).

Before 2005, he spent his career – apart from one AHL season – in Switzerland. He played for Fribourg-Gottéron, HC Davos and the ZSC Lions Zurich. Streit will travel to Switzerland this week and will join the team camp on April 20.

Switzerland will play the World Championship Preliminary Round in Berne, and in the home arena of SC Bern, where Streit played his junior career.

Streit debuted in the 1998 World Championship in Switzerland (Zurich and Basle) and only missed last year’s tournament, giving him ten World Championship appearances and two Olympic showings.

- 30 -

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Glad you started this topic, I was going to if somebody else hadn't.

I love this tournament and enjoy watching it immensly. Canada's team is shaping up to be a young, fast, highly skilled team and I can't wait to see them on the ice.

I approve of Hockey Canada's decision to go with a youth movement this time around. International experience is invaluable with the NHL's, so far, continuing commitment to the Olympic games.

The defense is impressive with the youth core of Doughty, Schenn, Weber, Hamhuis and the veteran Phillips adding some stability. The offense looks explosive with veterans Heatly, St. Louis and young guns Stamkos and Neal. This squad should be defensively responsible with Doan, Fisher and Upshall leading the way. Goaltending looks sound and with the year that Roloson had, I expect him to have an outstanding tournament. Still 5 spots left on the roster to round out the team after the first round exits from the playoffs and I'm looking forward to the additions.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the rosters as each country makes their announcements.

Go! Canada Go!

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a more detailed explanation of the Format, Tiebreakers and Rules:

The 16 teams are divided into four groups in the Preliminary Round.

After a single round-robin series in each group, the top three teams from each group advance to the Qualification Round while the fourth-placed team in each group moves to the Relegation Round.

The Qualification Round consists of two groups (E=A+D and F=B+C) with six teams each, playing a single round robin. The teams carry the points from the Preliminary Round with the teams that they played and advance with. Teams, which have played in the Preliminary Round, do not meet again in the Qualification Round.

The Quarterfinals will be played cross-over. The first-place team in each Qualification Round group plays the fourth-place team from the other group, while the second-place team plays the third-place team from the other Qualification Round group. 1E-4F, 2E-3F, 1F-4E, 2F-3E. The winning teams advance to the semi-finals.

Semi-final pairings: Winner 1E-4F vs Winner 2F-3E, Winner 1F-4E vs Winner 2E-3F.

The winning teams of the semi-final games advance to the gold medal game while the semi-final losing teams play for Bronze.

Relegation format

The four last-placed teams will continue to play in the Relegation Round. The two relegated teams will be determined by round-robin. The best two teams will return to the 2010 World Championship in Germany.

The teams promoted to the 2010 World Championship will be the the Division I winners.

Tie breaking formula

If two teams are tied on equality of points in the standings after completion of the round-robin, the following tie breaking criteria applies:

1. Head-to-head (mutual) games between the teams concerned.

2. Overall goal differential.

3. Higher number of goals scored for.

4. Game Winning Shot competition between the teams concerned.

If three or more teams have the same number of points in the group after completion of the round-robin, then their ranking is determined by the higher number of points in a special standing composed just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games. If the number of points is equal between the teams in this special standing just from the results of their head-to-head (mutual) games, then the following tie breaking criteria applies (with no secondary return to the head-to-head results):

1. Goal differential in the standing between the teams involved.

2. Higher number of goals scored between the teams involved.

3. Goal differential from all games played in the group.

4. Higher number of goals scored from all games played in the group.

5. Shootout between the teams which are still equal.

Note: If two teams are equal in the above tie-breaking criteria at the end of their last game in the group and their standing cannot be influenced by games to follow, this game will be prolonged for an overtime period, to decide the positions of the two teams.

Overtime procedure

In case of a tie at the end of regulation in a quarterfinal, semi-final and bronze medal game, there will be a 10-minute, sudden-death overtime period, following a three-minute intermission. The teams will defend the same goals as in the third period. The team, which scores first is the winner.

In the gold medal game there will be a 20-minute sudden-death overtime, following a full intermission during which the ice will be resurfaced. The teams will change ends. The team which scores first is the winner.

All sudden death overtime periods are played four skaters on four.

If no goal is scored during the sudden-death overtime, there will be game winning shot (GWS) competition ’shootout’. Each team must select three shooters to compete in the GWS. If the score is still tied after the teams have had three attempts each, the teams continue to shoot in pairings until the shooter of one team misses and the shooter of the other team scores. See Game Winning Shots Procedure.

Game Winning Shots Procedure

If no goal is scored in overtime then the Game Winning Shots procedure will apply. The following procedure will be utilised:

Three different shooters from each team will take alternate shots, until a decisive goal is scored.

If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the GWS will continue with a tie-break shoot out by one player of each team, with a reversed shooting order. The same or new players can take the tie-break shots.

The same player can also be used for each shot by a team in the tie-break. Only the decisive goal will count in the result of the game.

Note: This GWS procedure applies for all games.

Three Point System

Teams winning in regulation are awarded three points, the loser none.

Where there is a tied score in the Preliminary and Qualification Rounds, teams are given one point each. A five-minute overtime will follow and, if the score is still tied after overtime, Game Winning Shots will be used. The team winning in overtime or shoot-out is awarded the extra point for a total of two points.

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Vanek joins Austria

Buffalo star to play in Worlds, Thomas Pöck not


VIENNA – The Austrian Ice Hockey Association announced that Buffalo Sabres star Thomas Vanek will play for Austria at the 2009 World Championship in Switzerland.

Vanek, Austria’s best known hockey player, was the Sabres’ best goal getter. He collected 64 points (40 goals, 24 assists) in 73 games. He’s also fifth overall in goal scoring after Alexander Ovechkin, Jeff Carter, Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk. In Austria he won the player of the year award five times and was the athlete of the year in 2007.

The 25-year-old Graz native will join the national team on 22nd April. He played for the team already last year to help Austria in the promotion to the elite nations after the relegation at the 2007 World Championship. He scored five goals and five assists in as many games at the 2008 World Championship Division I on home ice in Innsbruck.

Austria will play Sweden, the United States and Latvia in Berne. It will be Vanek’s second top division World Championship after his debut in 2004.

The bad news for Austria coach Lars Bergström was that the other Austrian NHL player won’t participate. New York Islanders defenceman Thomas Pöck suffers from an abdominal muscle strain and had to reject the invitation.

- 30 -

Wilson to lead Team USA

U.S. names Toronto coach for World Championship and Olympics


COLORADO SPRINGS, Unites States – USA Hockey named Ron Wilson, who led the U.S. to the gold medal in the first World Cup of Hockey in 1996 and is the second-winningest active coach in the NHL, as head coach of the 2010 U.S. Olympic men's hockey team.

Wilson, the current head coach of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, will also serve as the head coach of the U.S. team at the 2009 IIHF World Championship, April 24-May 10, in Switzerland.

After some speculation about Wilson as the head coach at both events, the news was confirmed by USA Hockey on Monday.

“It’s no secret that Ron Wilson is one of the best coaches in the game,” said Brian Burke, general manager of the U.S. team and also the president and general manager of Toronto. “Our national team management group is excited to have Ron lead our team in Berne and Vancouver. He brings passion, energy and an overall knowledge of the international landscape to the table that is second to none.”

Wilson, who has coached 1,170 NHL games and has 550 wins, is in his first season as the head coach of the Maple Leafs, which cannot reach the playoffs.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have Ron Wilson as the head coach of our Olympic team and also our squad at the upcoming World Championship,” said Dave Ogrean, executive director of USA Hockey. “He’s an innovative leader who has proven time and again that he is one of the absolute best coaches in the game.”

Wilson has led five different U.S. teams behind the bench and served as an assistant coach once. He played for Team USA five times during his career.

“Needless to say, it is quite an honor to have the opportunity to coach our Olympic team in Vancouver and also our team in the upcoming World Championship,” said Wilson, who will become only the fourth person to lead two different U.S. Olympic teams. “I’ve enjoyed my involvement enormously with USA Hockey over the years, both as a player and coach, and look forward to the challenge ahead.”

Most recently, Wilson coached the U.S. at the World Cup of Hockey in 2004, finishing with a 2-3-0 record. He also guided the U.S. to the title of the inaugural World Cup of Hockey in 1996.

Wilson led the 1998 Olympic team at the first Winter Games with NHL players. The U.S. finished in sixth-place in Nagano with a 1-3-0 record.

Under Wilson’s direction, the USA captured the bronze medal at the 1996 World Championship. The medal was the first for the United States in an A-Pool IIHF World Championship since 1962 (excluding Olympic years). He was also coach when the U.S. finished in fourth-place finish at the 1994 World Championship.

Wilson has been involved with USA Hockey since the mid-1970s, playing in the 1975, 1981, 1983 and 1987 World Championships.

Wilson is in his 15th season as a head coach in the NHL, including stops in Toronto (2008-present), San Jose (2002-08), Washington (1997-2002) and Anaheim (1993-97).

- 30 -

also, Daniel Alfredsson has said 'no' to Sweden, because he's been suffering from a bad back...

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Can't say as I've ever seen Hungary play hockey internationally. Interesting.
it's been 70 years since they were in the Top Division... to make things even more difficult for them, one of their best players, Gábor Ocskay (Hungarian Player of the Year in 1994, 1995 and 2006, and Hungary’s Best Forward in 1994, 2006 and 2007), died of a heart attack last month... it'd be a emotional miracle if they avoid relegation...

It will be interesting to see the 3 point system in effect.
the three-point system is used in all IIHF-sanctioned tournaments, e.g. Worlds. Women's Worlds, U-20, U-18, Olympics...
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Finland announces players

At least six NHL stars to play for Finland at 2009 Worlds


HELSINKI – The Finnish Ice Hockey Association named six NHL players to its roster on Wednesday and more might follow.

The goalkeepers Pekka Rinne (Nashville) and Karri Rämö (Tampa Bay), defenceman Ville Koistinen (Nashville) and the forwards Niklas Hagman (Toronto), Antti Miettinen (Minnesota) and Jarkko Ruutu (Ottawa) will be part of the Finnish national team for sure in the 2009 IIHF World Championship in Switzerland.

From the others NHL candidates, Niklas Bäckström (Minnesota), Kari Lehtonen (Atlanta), Toni Lydman (Buffalo) and Jere Lehtinen (Dallas) will be missing due to injuries. Also the participation of the following players is not clear yet due to medical reasons: Anssi Salmela (Atlanta), Teppo Numminen (Buffalo), Sean Bergenheim (Islanders), Ville Peltonen (Florida), Mikko Koivu (Minnesota) and Antti Pihlström (Nashville).

For this week’s Euro Hockey Tour with a game against Russia in Tampere and two games in Liberec, Czech Republic, two other players join the team from abroad with Niko Kapanen of Russian champions Ak Bars Kazan and Tommi Santala of Swiss runner-up Kloten Flyers. The participation of Kapanen’s teammate Jukka Hentunen is open due to an injury.

- 30 -

Two NHL players for Germany

Jochen Hecht and Christoph Schubert to join Krupp’s team


MUNICH – The German national team will be boosted with Buffalo veteran Jochen Hecht and Ottawa defenceman Christoph Schubert, the German Ice Hockey Association confirmed to the media on Wednesday.

The nomination of the two players means that at least two of six candidates from the National Hockey League will play for Uwe Krupp’s team.

The 31-year-old veteran forward Jochen Hecht had 12 goals and 15 assists in 70 games with the Buffalo Sabres. The 27-year-old defenceman Schubert played 50 games this year and was often scratched at the end of the season, having good motivation to shine in the World Championship in Switzerland.

Hecht hasn’t worn the German jersey since the 2005 World Championship where Germany was relegated while Schubert was part of the team last year in Halifax. Both players will join the team after the exhibition games this week.

Marco Sturm will be missing due to a knee surgery he had early into the season while San Jose players Marcel Goc and Christian Ehrhoff, as well as Carolina’s Dennis Seidenberg reached the NHL playoffs with their teams.

Germany plays in Berne on the opening day against reigning world champion Russia before its games against neighbours France and Switzerland.

- 30 -

Finland should be a serious medal threat based on their goaltending alone...

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Team USA announced

First 19 players selected for 2009 World Championship


COLORADO SPRINGS, United States – USA Hockey named the first 19 players that will compete at the 2009 IIHF World Championship in Berne and Zurich-Kloten, Switzerland, April 24-May 10.

“This is a skilled group of players who will represent the United States well,” said Jim Johannson, assistant executive director of hockey operations for USA Hockey. “It is a nice mix of veterans and newcomers to international competition that our National Team Advisory Group is looking forward to watching.”

Team USA’s roster features nine players who have previously played in the World Championship: defensemen Keith Ballard, Jack Johnson and Ryan Suter; forwards Jason Blake, Dustin Brown, Patrick O'Sullivan, Drew Stafford and Lee Stempniak; and goaltender Robert Esche.

In addition, 12 of the 19 players are 25 years old or younger. The teams are allowed to begin the tournament with 20 skaters and two goalkeepers, meaning that more players will be added.

Team USA will face Switzerland on April 21 in a pre-tournament game before beginning play in the World Championship on April 25 against Latvia. The other opponents in the preliminary round are Austria (April 27) and Sweden (April 29).

USA Hockey has also extended the coaching staff. Joe Sacco, the head coach of the AHL’s Lake Erie Monsters, has been named assistant coach and will help head coach Ron Wilson (Toronto Maple Leafs) and the other assistant coach, Scott Gordon (New York Islanders).

Team USA as of April 15

Goalkeepers: Robert Esche (SKA St. Petersburg, RUS), Al Montoya (Phoenix Coyotes).

Defencemen: Keith Ballard (Florida Panthers), Zach Bogosian (Atlanta Thrashers), Ron Hainsey (Atlanta Thrashers), Jack Johnson (Los Angeles Kings), Matt Niskanen (Dallas Stars), Ryan Suter (Nashville Predators).

Forwards: Jason Blake (Toronto Maple Leafs), Dustin Brown (Los Angeles Kings), Nick Foligno (Ottawa Senators), Peter Harrold (Los Angeles Kings), Kyle Okposo (New York Islanders), Patrick O’Sullivan (Edmonton Oilers), Ryan Shannon (Ottawa Senators), Drew Stafford (Buffalo Sabres), Lee Stempniak (Toronto Maple Leafs), Colin Stuart (Atlanta Thrashers), Colin Wilson (Boston University, HEA).

- 30 -

not having Craig Anderson (G, Florida) and David Booth (LW, Florida) will really hurt them... Stephen Weiss (C, Florida) and of course Vincent Lecavalier are unavailable for Canada due to injury...

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the winners of the Division I championships have been decided, Kazakhstan and Italy will re-join the Top Division for the 2010 WC in Germany...


Swiss make last cut

Host add Toronto’s Gerber and three rookies


ZURICH – Switzerland named its final roster for the 2009 IIHF World Championship on home ice in Berne and Zurich-Kloten on Thursday.

After two victories in Oslo against Norway, Switzerland coach Ralph Krueger made the last cuts, sending home goalkeepers Marco Bührer and Lukas Flüeler, defencemen Timo Helbling and Patrick von Gunten, as well as forwards Patrik Bärtschi and Marc Reichert.

After the New York Islander’s NHL All-Star defenceman Mark Streit, another NHL player was announced with Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Martin Gerber, who played in last year’s World Championship.

A third player came back from North America with goalie Daniel Manzato, who played in the Carolina system for the AHL’s Albany River Rats.

Krueger’s team also has three rookies with defencemen Félicien Du Bois and Roman Josi, and forward Ryan Gardner.

Du Bois, 25, made the roster for the first time being a candidate for awhile.

Josi will be one of the youngest players in the tournament. The 18-year-old played in three World U20 Championships and two World U18 Championships. He finished the second full season SC Bern. Last year, he was drafted by Nashville in the second round but signed with Bern for next year.

Canada-born Gardner received a Swiss passport last year after a long career in Switzerland. He was one of the leading players for Zurich’s triumph in the CHL.

Team Switzerland as of April 17

Goalkeepers: Martin Gerber (Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL), Daniel Manzato (Albany River Rats, AHL), Ronnie Rüeger (Kloten Flyers).

Defencemen: Goran Bezina (Geneva-Servette), Severin Blindenbacher (ZSC Lions), Raphael Diaz (EV Zug), Félicien Du Bois (Kloten Flyers), Philippe Furrer (SC Bern), Roman Josi (SC Bern), Mathias Seger (ZSC Lions), Mark Streit (New York Islanders, NHL).

Forwards: Andres Ambühl (HC Davos), Thomas Déruns (Geneva-Servette), Ryan Gardner (ZSC Lions), Sandy Jeannin (Fribourg-Gottéron), Romano Lemm (HC Lugano), Thibaut Monnet (ZSC Lions), Thierry Paterlini (HC Lugano), Martin Plüss (SC Bern), Kevin Romy (HC Lugano), Ivo Rüthemann (SC Bern), Raffaele Sannitz (HC Lugano), Julien Sprunger (Fribourg-Gottéron), Roman Wick (Kloten Flyers), Thomas Ziegler (SC Bern).

- 30 -

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I'm curious to see what the russian roster will be. I hope Korneev is selected, I enjoyed watching him play quite a lot last year.

The way things are going, we'll probably see the brothers K with Crapovski on team Belarus again this year... this should be interesting.

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Finland, Germany announce rosters

Seven NHL players star Finnish team


HELSINKI/MUNICH – Finland named its national team for the 2009 IIHF World Championship following the Euro Hockey Tour in the Czech Republic. 25 players are in the preliminary roster which will be cut by two skaters.

After several NHL players had to decline due to injuries, Finland has seven NHL players on its list with goalkeepers Pekka Rinne and Karri Rämö, defencemen Ville Koistinen and Anssi Salmela, and wingers Niklas Hagman, Antti Miettinen and Jarkko Ruutu. Eight players come from the domestic league, five from Swedish clubs, three from Switzerland and two from the Russian KHL.

Finland roster as of April 19

Goalkeepers: Juuso Riksman (Jokerit Helsinki), Pekka Rinne (Nashville, NHL), Karri Rämö (Tampa Bay, NHL).

Defencemen: Teemu Aalto (Linköping, SWE), Topi Jaakola (Södertälje, SWE), Ville Koistinen (Nashville, NHL), Mikko Lehtonen (Timrå, SWE), Janne Niinimaa (Langnau, SUI), Janne Niskala (Frölunda, SWE), Petteri Nummelin (Lugano, SUI), Anssi Salmela (Atlanta, NHL).

Forwards: Niklas Hagman (Toronto, NHL), Juha-Pekka Hytönen (Jyväskylä), Hannes Hyvönen (Dynamo Minsk, KHL), Jarkko Immonen (Jyväskylä), Niko Kapanen (Kazan, KHL), Sami Kapanen (Kuopio), Kalle Kerman (Jokerit Helsinki), Leo Komarov (Lahti), Antti Miettinen (Minnesota, NHL), Tuomas Pihlman (Jyväskylä), Mika Pyörälä (Timrå, SWE), Jarkko Ruutu (Ottawa, NHL), Tommi Santala (Kloten, SUI), Ville Vahalahti (Turku).

Also Germany named 25 players to the team which will travel to Berne for the World Championship. Coach Uwe Krupp named four players which join the team directly after the league final. As expected, also the NHL players Jochen Hecht and Christoph Schubert are part of the team but Hecht under the condition that he the re-inclusion to the National Anti-Doping Agency test pool will be approved.

Among the cut players was also Thomas Greilinger due to a shoulder injury in an exhibition games.

Germany roster as of April 19

Goalkeepers: Dimitrij Kotschnew (Spartak Moscow, RUS), Dimitri Pätzold (Hannover), Dennis Endras (Augsburg).

Defencemen: Sven Butenschoen (Mannheim), Christopher Schmidt (Iserlohn), Sebastian Osterloh (Frankfurt), Christoph Schubert (Ottawa, NHL), Michael Bakos (Ingolstadt), Andreas Renz (Köln), Frank Hördler (Berlin), Nikolai Goc (Hannover), Moritz Müller (Köln).

Forwards: Sven Felski (Berlin), Travis James Mulock (Bad Tölz, GER-2), Michael Wolf (Iserlohn), Jochen Hecht (Buffalo, NHL), Kai Hospelt (Wolfsburg), Andre Rankel (Berlin), Daniel Kreutzer (Düsseldorf), Alexander Barta (Hamburg), Michael Hackert (Mannheim), Yannic Seidenberg (Ingolstadt), Christoph Ullmann (Köln), Patrick Hager (Krefeld), Philip Gogulla (Köln).

- 30 -

Sweden with new faces

Dallas trio part of Swedish preliminary roster


STOCKHOLM – The Swedish Ice Hockey Association announced its preliminary roster with three goalkeepers, eight defencemen and 14 forwards on Monday.

The roster included four NHL players with Atlanta blueliner Tobias Enström and a Dallas Stars trio: Nicklas Grossman, Joel Lundqvist and Loui Eriksson. Grossman has never played with the senior national team before and also for ten other players it will be the first-ever World Championship. Nine players in the team are 25 years old or younger.

Team Sweden as of April 20

Goalkeepers: Stefan Liv (HV71), Johan Holmqvist (Frölunda), Jonas Gustavsson (Färjestad).

Defencemen: Nicklas Grossman (Dallas, NHL), Johan Åkerman (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, RUS), Magnus Johansson (Atlant Mytishchi, RUS), Carl Gunnarsson (Linköping), Oscar Hedman (Frölunda), Dick Tärnström (AIK Stockholm, SWE-2), Kenny Jönsson (Rögle), Tobias Enström (Atlanta, NHL).

Forwards: Tony Mårtensson (Ak Bars Kazan, RUS), Martin Thörnberg (HV71), Christian Berglund (Rapperswil-Jona, SUI), Niklas Nordgren (Rapperswil-Jona, SUI), Rickard Wallin (Färjestad), Johan Andersson (Timrå), Mathias Tjärnqvist (Rögle), Joel Lundqvist (Dallas, NHL), Loui Eriksson (Dallas, NHL), Niklas Persson (Linköping), Linus Omark (Luleå), Johan Harju (Luleå), Marcus Nilson (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, RUS), Mattias Weinhandl (Dynamo Moscow, RUS).

- 30 -

Bad luck for France

Three players injured during training camp


GRENOBLE, France – The French national team has lost three players during the training camp for the World Championship.

Teddy Trabichet has to undergo a shoulder surgery following the exhibition games in Latvia one week ago and has already been replaced with rookie Gary Levêque.

Two other players left last week’s camp with two exhibition games in Grenoble with injuries. Forward Julien Desrosiers suffered an ankle injury in the game against Belarus. Defender Nicolas Besch won’t be able to participate due to a wrist injury.

France will also have to do without two of its best known players. While goalkeeper Cristobal Huet is busy with the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs, coach Dave Henderson has decided to go to the World Championship without SC Bern forward Sébastien Bordeleau.

- 30 -

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Czechs name 26 players

Jagr and five NHL players highlight Ruzicka’s team


PRAGUE – The Czech Ice Hockey Association named 26 players who will travel to Switzerland for the 2009 IIHF World Championship.

National hero Jaromir Jagr will play for the first time since the 2006 Olympics in Turin for the Czech national team and is one of the stars on the team coached by former world champion Vladimir Ruzicka.

The team also includes five NHL players with defenceman Marek Zidlicky and forwards Michael Frolik, Ales Hemsky, Ales Kotalik and Rostislav Olesz. Nine players come each from the Czech Extraliga and from the Russian KHL.

Czech national team as of April 20

Goalkeepers: Lukas Mensator (Karlovy Vary), Martin Prusek (Dinamo Riga, KHL), Jakub Stepanek (Vitkovice).

Defencemen: Michal Barinka, Angel Krstev (both Vitkovice), Miroslav Blatak (Salavat Yulayev Ufa, KHL), Petr Caslava (Pardubice), Zdenek Kutlak (Ambrì-Piotta, SUI), Ondrej Nemec (Karlovy Vary), Karel Rachunek (Dynamo Moscow, KHL), Vladimir Sicak (Ceske Budejovice), Marek Zidlicky (Minnesota, NHL).

Forwards: Petr Cajanek (Dynamo Moscow, KHL), Roman Cervenka (Slavia Prague), Michael Frolik, Rostislav Olesz (both Florida Panthers, NHL), Ales Hemsky, Ales Kotalik (both Edmonton Oilers, NHL), Jaroslav Hlinka (Linköping, SWE), Marek Kvapil (Vitkovice), Zbynek Irgl, Josef Vasicek (both Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, KHL), Jaromir Jagr, Jakub Klepis (both Avangard Omsk, KHL), Jan Marek, Tomas Rolinek (both Metallurg Magnitogorsk, KHL).

- 30 -

Latvian team complete

Olegs Znaroks names 26 players


RIGA – Latvian national team coach Olegs Znaroks announced at a press conference the 26 players who will represent the team at the 2009 World Championship.

The roster includes 15 players from the Latvian KHL team Dinamo Riga, one player from another KHL team and four players from North America including NHLers Martins Karsums and Karlis Skrastins, who joined the camp on Monday. Oskars Bartulis, who has been named to the roster too, might join the team for the qualification round.

Latvia will play Sweden, the United States and Austria in the Preliminary Round.

The Latvian roster as of April 20

Goalkeepers: Edgars Masalskis (Duisburg, GER), Sergejs Naumovs (Dinamo Riga), Dmitrijs Zabotinskis (Liepajas Metalurgs).

Defencemen: Aleksandrs Jerofejevs (Neftekhimik, RUS), Georgijs Pujacs (Dinamo Riga), Olegs Sorokins (Dinamo Riga), Guntis Galvins (Dinamo Riga), Krisjanis Redlihs (Dinamo Riga), Jekabs Redlihs (Plzen, CZE), Rodrigo Lavins (Dinamo Riga), Kristaps Sotnieks (Dinamo Riga), Karlis Skrastins (Florida Panthers, NHL), Oskars Bartulis (Philadelphia Phantoms, AHL).

Forwards: Lauris Darzins (Dinamo Riga), Mikelis Redlihs (Dinamo Riga), Herberts Vasiljevs (Krefeld, GER), Aigars Cipruss (Dinamo Riga), Aleksandrs Nizivijs (Dinamo Riga), Martins Karsums (Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL), Janis Sprukts (Rochester Americans, AHL), Girts Ankipans (Dinamo Riga), Guntis Dzerins (Martin, SVK), Aleksejs Sirokovs (Dinamo Riga), Martins Cipulis (Dinamo Riga), Armands Berzins (Dinamo Riga), Roberts Jekimovs (Brynäs, SWE).

- 30 -

(me: not WC related, but interesting nonetheless:)

The Dominator is back, again

Dominik Hasek signs with Czech team HC Pardubice


PRAGUE – Dominik Hasek announced his second comeback at a press conference on Tuesday in Prague. He signed a one-year contract with his hometown team Moeller Pardubice.

“I’m glad that the club management came to me with this offer,” Hasek said. “I’m looking forward to next season with Pardubice.”

The 44-year-old already played for his hometown club until 1989 before his NHL career began and during the 1994-1995 lock-out. After he had announced the end of his career in 2002 and in 2008, it will be Hasek’s second comeback.

Hasek played in the NHL 1990-2008 for Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit and Ottawa, winning two Stanley Cups with Detroit, two Hart Memorial Trophies for the MVP and six Vezina Trophies for the best goalkeeper.

In his international play he was the key player in the Czech Republic’s gold-medal win at the 1998 Olympic Games – the first Olympics with full NHL participation. He also won bronze at the 2006 Olympics, silver at the 1983 World Championship and three times World Championship bronze (1987, 1989, 1990).

- 30 -

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Six NHL players for Russia

Bykov relies on more domestic league players than ever


MOSCOW – The reigning champion Russia travelled to Switzerland for the 2009 IIHF World Championship with three goalkeepers, 9 defencemen and 13 forwards.

Vyacheslav Bykov has six NHL players in his team, while the other 19 players come from the Russian KHL, which means that Bykov is counting on more domestic league players than ever since taking over the team in 2006-2007.

The last time Russia had less NHL players in the team was before Bykov’s time. Vladimir Krikunov had Alexander Ovechkin as the lone NHL player in his team at the 2006 World Championship when the team missed the semi-finals, which hasn't occurred since.

Russia won the last exhibition game in Sierre against Hungary, 5-1. Oleg Saprykin, Alexander Radulov (2), Vitali Vishnevsky and Anton Kuryanov scored the goals for Russia, Andras Benk scored the 3-1 goal for Hungary while Ilya Bryzgalov was in the net.

Russia roster as of April 22

Goalkeepers: Ilya Bryzgalov (Phoenix Coyotes, NHL), Alexander Eremenko (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Vasili Koshechkin (Lada Togliatti).

Defencemen: Ilya Nikulin (Ak Bars Kazan), Vitali Atyushov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk), Konstantin Korneyev (CSKA Moscow), Vitali Proshkin (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Vitali Vishnevsky (Lokomotiv Yaroslavl), Oleg Tverdovsky (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Dmitri Kalinin (Phoenix Coyotes, NHL), Anton Volchenko (Ottawa Senators, NHL), Denis Grebeshkov (Edmonton Oilers, NHL).

Forwards: Danis Zaripov (Ak Bars Kazan), Alexei Morozov (Ak Bars Kazan), Alexei Tereshchenko (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Sergei Mozyakin (Atlant Mytishchi), Anton Kuryanov (Avangard Omsk), Petr Schastlivy (CSKA Moscow), Oleg Saprykin (CSKA Moscow), Alexander Radulov (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Alexander Perezhogin (Salavat Yulayev Ufa), Konstantin Gorovikov (SKA St. Petersburg), Sergei Zinoviev (Dynamo Moscow), Ilya Kovalchuk (Atlanta Thrashers, NHL), Alexander Frolov (Los Angeles Kings, NHL).

- 30 -

U.S. add Blues players

Backes, Oshie to play at World Championship


COLORADO SPRINGS, United States – Forwards David Backes and T.J. Oshie of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues have been added to the 2009 U.S. Men’s National Team roster it was announced on Thursday by USA Hockey.

The U.S. Men’s National Team will compete at the 2009 International IIHF World Championship in Berne and Zurich-Kloten, Switzerland, April 24-May 10.

In his third National Hockey League season, Backes skated in all 82 regular-season games for the St. Louis Blues in 2008-09. He compiled career bests in points (54), goals (31), assists (23), power-play goals (6), shorthanded goals (2) and shots (208). Backes also added one goal and two assists in four playoff games.

Backes is making his third consecutive World Championship appearance, having played in the tournament in 2007 and 2008. In 2008, he tallied one assist in six games, while he notched three points (1-2) in seven games in 2007.

Oshie skated in 57 regular-season games with the Blues during his rookie NHL season in 2008-09. His 39 points (14-25) ranked ninth among all NHL rookies and he finished third among rookies in points per game. Additionally, Oshie skated in all four Blues playoff games.

Oshie will be making his first World Championship appearance. Oshie previously represented the U.S. at the 2006 IIHF World U20 Championship, scoring one goal in seven games.

Team USA will begin play in the 2009 IIHF World Championship Saturday (April 25) against Latvia. The United States will play two additional preliminary-round games against Austria (April 27) and Sweden (April 29) before the qualification round begins.

- 30 -

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Canada adds goalie (Chris) Mason

Shane Doan named captain of Team Canada


ZURICH-KLOTEN – Team Canada general manager Doug Armstrong announced the addition of St. Louis Blues goaltender Chris Mason to Canada’s roster for the 2009 IIHF World Championship in Switzerland, which runs from April 24-May 10 in Berne and Zurich-Kloten.

Mason was an alternate for Canada at the 2006 and 2007 IIHF World Championships, winning a gold medal in 2007 in Moscow, Russia. He established career highs this past season with 57 games played, 27 wins and 33 consecutive starts to finish the regular season.

Canada’s roster now includes 21 players – three goaltenders, six defencemen and 12 forwards, as well as two alternates. Canada can name up to 25 players on its final roster.

Head coach Lindy Ruff named Shane Doan captain for the third consecutive World Championship. Dany Heatley, Chris Phillips, Martin St. Louis and Shea Weber will serve as alternate captains.

- 30 -

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methinks a few words and links to the IIHF.com article would conduct more to discussion than integral copy/paste of that website :)

This being said, Pleki is joining the Czech Republic team. They also want Hammer but they havent received confirmation from him yet.


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methinks a few words and links to the IIHF.com article would conduct more to discussion than integral copy/paste of that website :)
oh, I've done that before, then seen people just post the exact same thing I provided the link to... never underestimate the reluctance of users to click a link <_<

but, to save time and bother, here's the IIHF website, http://www.iihf.com , enjoy...

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oh, I've done that before, then seen people just post the exact same thing I provided the link to... never underestimate the reluctance of users to click a link <_<

but, to save time and bother, here's the IIHF website, http://www.iihf.com , enjoy...

fair enough. anyway, right now i dont think the level of interest to discuss the world's is generally very high on here. i personally look forward to the tournament though.

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