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Thanks For A Fun Season


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I don't know if i would call it a fun season but any time i get to watch my Habs play, puts a smile on my face. Its not the result we all hoped for this season, but nobody can say it wasnt an entertaining one,, both good and bad. We are Habs fans first and foremost. We desperately want them to succeed. Some of us express great frustration when things are going poorly and we cheer endlessly when things are going great. Its all part of the package when you live and die with every shift our boys skate. This team had us at both ends of the emotional scale this season. We most likely will see a great number of changes for next year. To all those who are angry, dissapointed or sreaming for change,,,,its OKAY, you have that right. We are all Hab fans and we will ALL be back next year. This Hab fan is already looking forward to training camp. Enjoy the summer guys and gals. ;)

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Thanks to the Montreal Canadiens for a fun season; some up and downs, but in the end it is always fun to watch.

Hope you all have a good summer and I hope there is a little more hunger next year after the early exit this year!

a fun season? this season?

:blink: :blink:

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Its always sad/hard to say goodbye after the last loss of the season.

This year was particularly difficult.

We started off as one of the "favorites" not only in the east but in the entire league. We had high hopes and after 10 or 15 games the team wasnt disappointing being among the league leaders in wins & all categories. We had a tandem of young goalies who could be starters on most teams in the league. A top 3 defensive corps that made most teams envious. Up front we didnt have an elite talent but we had 3 guys down the middle all capable of scoring 70 points and more wingers than we knew what to do with. For the first time in over a decade Koivu had a real winger! And boy were they clicking - at about 12 games I think both koivu and tanguay were on pace for over 100 pts. Add to that a young core just "coming into their own" and the fact that this was our centennial made people believe the ghosts would be out in droves.

Some injuries struck (Koivu, Higgins, Tanguay) and a few of the guys we thought we'd be counting on (Komi, Pleks, Hammer, Kosti) seemed to falkter - but we did ok - due largely to spectacular goaltending that allowed us to win MANY games we had no place getting points in. And then one thing happened that IMHO ended our season: Price had a minor injury and meanwhile was voted as a starter to the allstar game....and Carbo made perhaps his single biggest mistake: He said "we'd prefer Carey not play, but he's an adult and if he can play at least one game before, we'll let him go." He should have said "sorry carey but you're a talented kid there will be many many more opportunities" - heck, if he didnt do it, Gainey should have jumped in (he interfered with Kovalev after all) but no, they both sat by and watched a young, excited kid rush himself back & basically flush our season down the toilet.

Let me be very clear: I do not blame Carey for this. He's a kid & what 21 year old wouldnt want to be the starter at the all star game? But the coaches & management should be more interested in making our team work, rather than being the player's friends. You think Mike Keenan would have let his player go to the allstar game if he wasnt 100%? No way! Mike Babcock? Julien? No. All of these guys would have said "sorry kid this team needs you more than the allstar game does"

Instead, they let him rush back, play a game he wasnt ready for, get shellacked in not only the allstar game but the young guns game too - and then, like when you were a kid & you did something to defy your parents, you had to finish it - Carey continued playing games he wasnt ready for. This essentially killed his confidence - all for 1 stupid all star game. The rest of the team followed suit & the rest is history.

Its such a shame too because just a few more wins & we would have finished higher up, drawn an easier 1st round opponent & had a chance to squeak through the 1st round at which point Markov & Lang could be back & who knows how things might have gone from there.

That said I would like to leave this thread with one final note: I am NOT upset with our players. I think that to a man they all wanted to win. At times this season Komi looked like...well Claude Julien on the blue line! - but its not because he wasnt trying - he just lost his confidence. I truly hope that before next october we have a new, strong coaching staff in place & we see our core - which I still think is strong, supplimented by some good off season acquisitions. I still believe Carey & some of our young guns have strong careers ahead of them. Its just sad to see this year end this way.

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Its hard after a poor season to say it was amazing. Sure this season wasn't the best; but if you cant just enjoy the game when they play then you're probably too involved with something you could never be a part of. Growing up playing soccer, playing eventually in England for a few years I can say even in losing season you can still have fun watching moments of brilliance or enjoy the highs when your team plays well.

It would have been nicer had they strung a few longer streaks together, and had they stayed healthy... what could have been. Nevertheless, every time I get to watch them play I enjoy it. Win or lose; they are just fun to watch.

Here's to hoping for better future successes and some really sweet off season movements!

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