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Lafleur Guilty Of Contradictory Testimony Charge

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Ok, so he wanted them to have their privacy and have sex not under their roof. Was he supposed to handhold a grownup? Ok, if he was 15 or 16 I could understand but this is absolutely ridiculous. I personally think the whole thing is laughable. If he goes to jail it just shows how f'd up the justice system is. I wonder, when his son was sleeping, should he have been holding his hand too? He didn't kill anyone that I know of. This is merely a publicity stunt at the risk of Lafleurs reputation. This whole thing just makes me scared of how the court system is wasting tax payers money on garbage like this while molesters, killers, bank robbers get away and walk amongst us.

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marc lafleur is disgusting. a person like this needs to be locked up in a mental institution permanently. guy had no right to let someone like this go to a hotel to see a 16 year old girl. especially when guy was supposed to be keeping marc locked down to the property. guy deserves the maximum penalty. as canadians, we often complain about american celebs who get away with crimes because of who they are, well lets not be hypocrits. i also hope marc is locked up permanently, not necessarily jail because he is somewhat mentally challenged but in a place where he no longer presents a threat to the public.

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