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Flames Fire Keenan


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Keenan has to be approaching some kind of record for being fired. :blink:

He's always been a patchwork solution. He can usually get guys going for awhile, but his act wears thin and he ends up alienating the team. Although maybe he's mellowed with age, this recent stint in Calgary seemed pretty uneventful (at least what the media got a hold of).

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Never been a fan of Keenan but the flames fizzling in the playoffs wasnt his fault. I think the Flames were limping into the playoffs. I don't think any veteran D man was uninjured. Phaneuf played despite having injured ribs. Pretty hard to make it past the first round without a back end. Keenan gets canned because Sutter is hearing it from fans about one and out. Many think Brent Sutter may be on his way back to Alberta ,but I think he still has a year left in his contract with the Devils.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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