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Mowing The Lawn In A "zamboni Pattern"

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OK so now that summer is here I though of putting this topic here while I was mowing the lawn this morning. For a long time now I have mowed my lawn in a "Zamboni pattern" I do it now with my riding mower and I did it back when I used a push mower, so am I the only one, or are there others of you out there who do this as well??

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When I lived in my previous home, I mowed diagonally and tried the *****-cross pattern. I had a push mower at the time. And I had lots of trees but I lost most of those in Hurricane Juan. Then I got a ride-on and it is extreemly hard to make a hairpin turn on a ride-on, so I just sort of went back and forth and around trees and tree stumps..

Having said all that... I moved to a property with no lawn, (new construction) three years ago but just laid sod last fall. The 'Zambonie pattern' works well and lets you go back and forth without getting into the tight, hairpin turns which result from just going around the edge and moving gradually toward the center.

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