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From what we hear, there are talks between Tampa Bay and Montreal (duh! nothing new). Obviously you've heard Vincent Lecavalier's name being vomited both online, on TV and in the papers.

But it seems Martin St-Louis' name might have been overheard by one or a few. Could they be talking about package deals?

It would be great to see Martin wearing the bleublancrouge - incredible actually - but I doubt this would be done. I guess Markov would definitely go the other way if that were to happen. Keeps me dreaming though, keeps me definitely guessing..

Silence of the Bob, part 5 (6?). Now playing in theaters near you!

Just thought I'd let you know. What do you think?


CANOE.CA: reports former Montreal Canadiens coach and current Habs analyst Jean Perron claims a trade that would send Lecavalier to the Canadiens is closer than ever and as an added bonus he'll be bringing linemate Martin St. Louis with him. Perron suggests the sale of the Canadiens to the Molson brothers increases the chances of Lecavalier joining the Canadiens.

SPECTOR'S NOTE: Hat tip to "Dave" and Steve". Lecavalier and St. Louis together as Canadiens? Ooooo, goody-goody, fellow Habs fans, now let's wish for ponies! OK, look, I'll admit a Lecavalier trade with the Canadiens is possible but the two combined is wishful thinking and would cost the Canadiens a boatload of depth and prospects to make it happen. Given the uncertainty currently swirling over the Lightning's ownership the Lecavalier speculation is sure to remain in the rumor mill until at least July 1st.

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