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Brian Boyle Traded To Rangers For A 3rd

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6'7 centerman.

drafted 26th overall in 2003.

Manchester, 31 goals, and 31 assists in 70 games.

NHL - 4 goals, 1 assist in 8 games .

No chance to move past LA depth at C

Traded for a 3rd round pick


this depresses the heck out of me for obvious reasons.

I wouldn't mind having a 6'7" C on the roster, but he isn't a top two and we don't need a 3rd or a 4th. He hasn't really defined his role, so I would have picked him up and tried to find one for him for the sake of a third round pick. Worth a chance.

Those stats are from 2008 however. Last season he had 4 goals and 1 assist, but it took 28 games to get them. He had 10 goals and 11 assists in 42 games with Manchester last season. So either LA has determined he isn't a legitimate offensive threat and marginalized his production or his development has lead him away from the offensive side of the game.

Considering our situation, again, worth the cost of a 3rd rounder to make our own determination.

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