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Trade: Higgins To Rangers For Gomez


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Well we didnt lose much in valitenko.It didnt look like he was ever gonna play here anyway.The biggest loss here is mcdonaugh.I guess well be looking to draft a top defenseman next year.

Bob Gainey wants to end up last place I assume. To get the 1st round pick. :lol:

Mike Komisarek is also testing the Free Agency Market!

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People are acting like the sky is falling.

I don't like his salary but Gomez is far and away a much better player than Higgins. I must be one of the few people who never though Higgins was all that.

You have to give something to get something.... Montreal really doesn't have too many assets right now, so expect these kinds of ttrades. I don't think Gomez is the 1st line center Gainey's looking for though. I believe he's going to get another center to play on the top line.

Komi is easily replaceable so I have no problems with him leaving...another overrated player.

After seeing who else was traded.....oh boy this really was a serious panic trade. I won't bash Gainey until I see what happens tomorrow.

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one young immature goalie rushed into the big leagues - check

2 scoring lines filled with inconsistent players - check

team superstar is a 35 year old who doesn't even average a point per game - check

and now

grossly overpriced and underperforming centre - check

Guys, Gainey is a genius. He's setting us up to get top 3 picks for the next 4-5 seasons

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« We are extremely pleased to have acquired an impact centreman in Scott Gomez. He is an outstanding playmaker and an excellent skater. Having won the Stanley Cup twice with the New Jersey Devils, he brings to tour team a lot of playoff experience. Scott is an elite player who will certainly contribute to the success of our team for years to come » said Bob Gainey.


gomez is a scrap with a big cap hit

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At least Josh Gorges wasn't involved in the trade.

Do I smell Vincent Lecavalier?!?!? :lol: Yes the rumours again!

Are you kidding? Why in the hell would TB trade a superstar center for a good center with a really similar contract. If Lecavalier has no more purpose in Tampa, so would Gomez.

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So basically, looking at all the players involved, It's Gomez for Higgins and McDonagh. Not a bad trade, we finally get a first line center for a 3rd line winger and a prospect.

After watching McDonagh in the world juniors, he did look like a very good D, superior to Subban in my opinion. Time will tell, remember Balej? ... ;)

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