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Nhl 09 Highlights

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1. :lol: at the Vinny one! I've score 2-3 goals of the sort playing in the EASHL!

2. Awesome deke with Backstrom!

3. Cam Barker looked like Kovalev on the play :P

4. Same as above, excpet with Campbell

5. Hard to tell (maybe Sullivan?), but that was one hell of a deke. Loved the little Spine-o-rama at the end!

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One of my nicest goals online http://beta.easports.com/media/play/video/5651598

The other night I was playing an EASHL game, playing on D. My teamate had just taken a penalty, so the faceoff is in our zone at the left of the goalie. the C wins the faceoff to me...I take a slapshot to clear the zone. Apparently I can't aim, so the slapshot goes off the glass and then towards the goalie..the goalie tried playing it with his glove and missed...Shades of Toskala :lol: Forgot to save it though.

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