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King Smyth??


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geez, is this how a salary dump is supposed to be done? To think that we gave up Higgins + McDo for Gomez...

I dunno about that...Quincey is good, Preissing still has potential & Ryan Smyth is older & less of a consistant producer than Gomez.

We're still basing our concerns on McDonaugh being the 'next big thing' - but if Gainey & co know something we dont and McDonaugh never does develop as we hoped (as he is still a question mark) we actually gave far less than LA just did. Higgins is the only proven entity we gave up...not a bad exchange for a guy who has scored 70 points or more in 5 of his 9 nhl seasons and is only 29 years old.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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