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Sources: Nhl And Nhlpa Investigating Blackhawks Over Offers

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This is likely only going to cause issues if the players and/or their agents wish to make a fuss over it. (Which is entirely possible) If that occurs, I imagine the league will be fighting the NHLPA over it. It's such a small issue really, as the intention was obviously there, but it's a case of the rules are the rules.

Might be interesting, might be nothing at all.

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NHLPA filed for grievance and wants the players affected to become UFA's.


Chicago ended up signing Barker to 3 years at $9.25M.

They already signed all of the other players involved, with the exception of Versteeg and Bolland.

So the worst case scenario is that they lose those two players.

I doubt the league will disagree and allow these players to become UFA's. Chicago has secured most of the affected players and the only way to avoid repeat incidents is to set the precedent right now and follow the rules. If other organizations don't recognize the importance of this stipulation, it could lead to further occurrences.

This isn't simply a case of someone trying to twist the rules, this is a case of someone not performing their job in a proper and timely manner. The system is in place so that players aren't caught in limbo and teams are able to make informed decisions regarding their personnel. Players and agents make their plans based on what the team decides to do, so if you don't receive that notification correctly, these players should have been able to shop themselves immediately. They have no way of knowing whether it was an accidental or intentional occurrence.

It isn't fair to leave a player hanging while other GMs are browsing the market. Whether you intended to keep that player or not is a moot point. Otherwise you would have players that think they are UFA's signing contracts and GM's using the system to "reserve" players until they make other decisions and see what other deals they can make first.

This is probably going to sting Chicago a little bit (it already has) and someone will probably lose their job.

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I like how Tallon said,

"I think that we got them at fair market value," Tallon said. "When you compare the comparables, looking at the point production of Barker and Versteeg and all the other players, those numbers are right in line with what they possibly would have gotten in arbitration. We're happy to get them long term."


Neither Barker nor Versteeg are arbitration eligible. You need 4 years of NHL eligbility, Barker has 3 and Versteeg has 1.

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