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Andreas Engqvist Signed To A 3 Year Contract


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where is this guy supposed to fit 3rd/4th line centre I'm sure they wouldnt sign the guy and send him to Hamilton would they? actually BG prolly would I don't know he's a big guy with pro experience and they got him for nothin so you can't complain about the signing

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Guest NvidiaN

If I remember what I read correctly on these boards about 3-4 weeks ago, he's still signed to the Swedish team, so he wouldn't be coming to the NHL until the 2010-2011 season.

I'm not sure why we have him: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=6626

He's tall, but he weighs as much as Gomez who is ~5 inches shorter than him...and he only had 16 points in 31 games.

I don't get it.

Edit: The website I linked has him listed for the Bulldogs this season, maybe I was wrong.

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"A big and strong two-way center. Engqvist has good hockey sense and a fine passing game. Reads the game very well and his defensive game is quite good. His skating is fairly good, although he could improve both his acceleration and top speed. Considering Engqvist has such a large frame, he does not really play physical and should improve that aspect of his game."

a picture of the prospect?

Birthyear: 1987-12-23 Birthplace: Stockholm, SWE

Age: 21 Nation: Sweden

Position: C Shoots: R

Height: 190 cm / 6'3" Weight: 89 kg / 196 lbs

Youth Team: Spånga IS Contract: 11/12

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Well for you and Billy P I will give you my assasment/view on Andreas as a player.

He is solid in every aspect of the game and there have been a steady progress for him since he joined SEL. First he is a two way player with an offensive uppside that many are very keen on to see if he can develop further (the comparisons with Sundin is there from some). He is responsible have good hands (playmaking abilitys), somewhat wicked wrist shot (that he should use more imo). Rather good hockeysense, you wont see him out of place to often (reads the game well defensively too). He can be used in every aspect of the game and will do what the coach wants him without complaining (loyal indeed). His skating isnt great but not bad at all (not very fast though more average), the similarity to Sundins "wicking skating" is there for sure and they move quite the same in certain areas wich gives the impression of him beeing a little slow but all of the sudden he is where he should be anyway.

A little deceptive style at times. He has a big frame but dont really play physical (well at times) but strong and can make his way through. This is an area he should develop further to be more effective and get out more of his offensive potential. It wouldnt hurt anyway.

I can see him beeing a 2 nd or 3 rd line C in NHL with some luck in the future, I am not sure he is ready right now though. There are somethings that would benefit him in NHL and some that wouldnt in that style and smaller rinks. Its so hard to say if he could get in right away or not, he isnt to far away either (more ready than some of the players that been used on Habs roster the last few years imo, but one never knows how a player from another country adapt to the new culture etc etc).

Solid through and through is how I would describe him right now.

Have Gainey offerd him a contract yet or was this just a way of showcasing him? All this is a little strange to me really, something isnt right. Andreas have 1 year left on his contract with Djurgården I belive so why on earth invite him to development camp and not sign him.... Why not do that next year if the contract is the thing here and they want him to play 1 more year in SEL?

I just want to add that Andreas is the kind of player that thrives in a structured game whre he can "dictate" down the middle and can do some unexpected things (touch of flare). Maybe thats why Gainey & Martin is interested in seeing him right now. When the game breaks down and its more run and gun his speed isnt sufficient (yet imo) to be really effective although he has his moments in those kind of games/breakdowns of games. I can see why some people compare him to Sundin (there are similaritys) but to me he lacks that sheer top quality of killer instinct and he is more of a two way player really compared to Mats. Andreas may evaliate his offense given the chance for pure scooring duty's, but Djurgården uses him more in a controling role. Let him loose a little and see where that will land him. All in all I like him and it will be fun to see where this is going.

thanks twillight! :D

i'm happy we've signed him and i hope he manages to make space for himself on the third or fourth lines in the future. there will definitely be an adjustment time but the fact that he's only 21 is pretty exciting.

does this mean he will finish out his contract in the SEL before spending some time in hamilton to adjust to the north american style?

sounds like a good move.

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Yeah he will most likely start the season in Hamilton. Unless you have the brunstrom type of hype, you need to adapt tot he NA ice and game in order to be effective in the NHL on a consistent basis. Besides, he is only 21, so he will fit right in with the bulldogs.

PS brunstrom did an AHL stint anyways after coming over himself..

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16 points in 31 games in the SEL, sounds like an offensive player to me (and not a 4th line center).

SEL stats


There are 55 games in a season, which means only about 5 guys are ppg in the league (over a full season).

On his team, http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues...0014272009.html

he was 10th in points, out of 37 guys listed, though it looks like he was 5th for ppg, and he's only 21.

Definitely an offensive center, I don't know why everyone is saying "4th line".

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Plekanec is now expendable. This guy could be almost as good, for cheaper, much cheaper.

I don't know about that. :unsure:

How can we automatically say Plekanec is expendable when this guy is going to be playing the S.E.L. for another season and has never touched an NHL ice surface in his life? Plekanec, despite his lack of confidence and overall poor play last season, has contributed to this team for several seasons. How does Engqvist all of a sudden become better than him?

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I am happy both for Engqvist and Montreal on this contract. The fact that he probably will spend another year in SEL is imo is a very good chice. No need to rush this talant and destroy him in the process. He will have a year more under his belt and probably will more motivated than ever before. The talant is there, no doubt and if he can crank the lineup next year after some time in Hamilton (wich i am not so sure about) good for him and the Canadiens.

Is he a sure bet...no but I can see him taking a place in the future (to compare he is much more offensively gifted than Laps for ex and very good defensively too so...look out).

Finally some Swedish touch in the Habs organization, been waiting for that myself :D

Only real issue I can see with him is how he will get back and act after missing almost a third of last years season to an injurie. Other than that, looking forward to see you in a red beautiful jersey soon Andreas.

Now go and get em next year tiger ;)

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Only real issue I can see with him is how he will get back and act after missing almost a third of last years season to an injurie. Other than that, looking forward to see you in a red beautiful jersey soon Andreas.

Now go and get em next year tiger ;)

From the reports i've read on the prospects camp,,,it appears he has put the injury behind him,,, as he showed well and appears to be ready to go. I saw the youtube video of him in Habs I/O,, and from the little footage available,,,,the kid seems to have good hands. ;)

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