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Who Is Our Best Option For The #2 Center Position?


Best options for the #2 center position  

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  1. 1. Who is are our best option for the #2 center position?

    • Marleau
    • Kessle
    • Staal
    • Sharp
    • Plekanec
    • Other(specify)

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Personally i would have to pick Jordan Staal he doesnt have a huge cap hit,like marleau, he is a great 2 way player, he has size,he has skill,and most importantly the kid can score,wether it be shorthanded or 5 on 5. If not staal then it would have to be sharp followed by kessle and lastly marleau.

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Plekanec makes the most sense. He's already signed fairly cheap, has proven he can put up 60 plus points and score 20 plus goals, has good speed and defensive upsides. Marleau is just a ridiculous idea. Please no. I would like Patrick Sharp, but I don't think there's really a need now.

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With Gomez as our #1 we can't really afford another large contract right now...maybe a deadline deal as Marleau would be a rental. But the best choice right now is Pleks. He is very capable offensively. If used properly is a very good 2 way Centre. He only has a one year deal so it's really his time to shine and show Gainey how valuable he really is. If he has another season like 07-08 his pay will jump to 3.5 for 4-5 years. So it's in his best interest. Otherwise, you could make a package trade to Chicago for a larger bodied Centreman.

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Stars Might Trade Brad Richards thread was moved so I'll post here, I don't understand why people think this would be a bad move? Two years left at 7.8 million for a proven winner and cup MVP. I would trade Halak, Hammer and Pleks or Metro in a second to aquire the bigger center we have been looking for. 7.8 is bad but is it really that bad?

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