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Prospal A Canadien??

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BG probably feels that Pachioretti needs ONE more year in the AHL getting top line mins and learning the PP from Boucher (as part of their top PP unit). He's still an injury call up gets another 10 games in the NHL? He shows up next season ready for top 6 minutes and PP responsibilities knowing the system put in place well.

This is the only reason I see BG making offers to either Prospal or Sykora, to buy some time for Patches to really devellop and hit his stride.

And really, would you turn away Prospal for a 1yr 1.75M to 2M contract, the guy scores 20-25 goals a year and is capable of 30G. that's 3-4Mil $$ range there. If BG buying time for Patches, he's at least trying to give us quality right now.

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I would definitely have taken Prospal for 1.1. The downside would have been a lost position in the top 6 for a young guy...
A bargain IMO... we could have used him too... unless there are bigger fish in the pond that can be netted and are signed that improve the team even more at this point.

For 1 year with Boucher in Hamilton... that's not much of a downside.

I agree... anyone that is there, most likely is better off being there.

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Thank god we didn't sign him. I don't care if it's only $1.1M, we're better off playing the guys we have in our system.

Not really.... theres no guarantee that a young guy in our system would score 20 goal and 20 assist this season like Prospal would have easily done.

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