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Maple Leafs On The Verge Of Dealing Pogge To Ducks


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Are you comparing Pogge to Halak?

no. i never was. i am just interested to see what the leafs would get for pogge seeing as he doesnt have much NHL experience. if the leafs get a decent return for him then the price for halak i would think would go up seeing as he has more experience.

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The leafs screwed this kids development so bad, that I actually felt bad for him as a toronto player.

thats for sure...last season when toskala was failing they brought in gerber who couldnt get it done and instead of giving pogge a good string of starts they use joseph and gerber with pogge coming up once in a while here and there...the kid got no nhl development at all...raw deal...and now that they have a good goalie coach, they ship the kid away...give me a break...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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