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Pat Kane Arrested

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What kind of story is that seriously...

Hit a 70 years old man for 20 cents ?

Even if the guy was being a dick, theres no reason to punch an old guy over that, especially rob him after wise and take off.

What a dumb kid, the Kostitsyn are geniuses compare to that kid.

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haha.. what a couple of morons. Can't afford a $1.20 tip?

The cab driver game them 1$ back...so it was 0.20$ tip..

hahahaha i thought that was only related to on-ice performance! i guess not. i bet EA are crapping their pants right now!

Probably not..after all, the motto for the game is ''are you tough enough''...I guess Pat Kane was just trying to prove he actually is :lol:

Jokes aside, I'll wait for more details before passing judgement.

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I cant see that story making sense:S its over 20 cents and hes making over a couple mil a season. Thats retarded.

I'm sure its called a case of too much Booze.

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i don't know- we were just talking at the stable about wild strawberries, and it came around to the wild blueberries and rasberries that one can pick north of buffalo, just off the side of the road. its so beautiful in quetico (sp?) provincial park this time of year, i had just been thinking about the whole trip- it seems to me. what is kane doing in buffalo, armpit of the nation, anyhow?

probably guilty. not official yet.

did see a car with ontario plates down here in chicago today heading to the music festival. must of seen my CH sticker, and kind of didn't like the way he turned. wasn't ready to beat the guy up, but it left me smiling that i might have ruined his night of music. lol

so-- heck-- maybe not guilty. when is the trial????? lol

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