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Both of you guys are wrong, greatest number #11 was Yvon Lambert.

A grinder's grinder that still almost got 500 pts in the NHL in 600 something games, and some big time goals during the playoffs.

Everybody has seen Lafleur's game tying goal as he blasted it by Cheevers ... but it was Yvon Lambert's goal in OT that lifted the Habs past the Bruins to the Cup Final in 1979.

Great player!

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15 - Rejean Houle; not the best executive but a decent player

What about the two Bobbys

Smith and Rousseau

The best of the three is Rousseau - should be hof but isnt

Ken Reardon was also #17, a great defenceman from the 40s. I'd say either Reardon or Ludwig takes that spot.

As for #18, do you even need to ask? Serge Savard.

what about Rod Langway 17

18 Toe Blake

21 Doug Jarvis

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This site has all the numbers and who wore them - only thing is players are in more than one number - for example Maurice Richard is listed as 15 and 9 - he started his career with 15 and then went to 9 later on. or a player was called up with one # for a game or two then made the team the following year may have different # see breezer

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