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Stewart Signed 1 Year Contract

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Why sign 4th liners to long term deals? I like Stewart and what he brings. He's a solid depth signing for us this season capable of picking up the slack from Laraque being injured most of last season and likely this one as well. But next year Archer may be ready to step up and take this role and even possibly Laraques, so why not a one year? Let him show what he can do and he may get a long term deal at that point. He's just a sophmore now anyway

Andrew Archer was a complete bust.

And he's no longer a member of the Canadiens/Bulldogs/Cyclones organisation.

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I guess... :(

However, when you have to start over-paying 3rd and 4th liners to play here you have a serious problem.

Either way, I think the Stewart deal is exactly what we should be paying a 4th line player. 1 year, $500K.

Let him earn the extra couple thousand on his next deal.

Ya well it's a fact that Montreal DOES have serious problems getting people to play here...if we start winning a couple of Stanley cups it might get easier, but until then we'll have to over-pay all players....which is why we need to develop our prospects like Stewart and not trade them away for mediocre veterans....but $500k per fourth liner would be the ideal situation...I still like that BG got Moen regardless of the price

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