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Eklund Wrong, Sykora Is Not In Talks With Sabres

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According to Hockeybuzz.com (Eklund) the Sabres were in talks with Petr Sykora so I asked his agent (Allan Walsh) this:

Q: "rumors are out that Sykora (and you) are in talks with the Sabres, is this true? Thanks"

A: "no truth at all. We are talking with 3 teams and Buffalo is not in that group. Bad info."

http://nhltalk202.webs.com/apps/blog/ proved Eklund wrong.

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Folks, if we had a thread for every time Eklund was wrong, we'd have to upgrade servers.

We (the admin/mods of this board) have decided, for now at least, to allow this stuff, as long as its habs-related - but lets not give this fool more attention than he already is getting. He's a sham, we all know it. Discussing it at length just gives him more (free) advertising.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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