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Hey everybody

I read that Habs fans had created a script for the All-Star voting.

I am wondering if

a) someone can make one for me

B) direct me to someone who can make one for me

c) or give me any help in any way

basically, a band played a show at my club and I want them to play again... well, to play again they need to win an online vote put on by a local radio station. Only problem is, the other two bands in the voting are currently winning because the members dont have jobs and just sit there all day voting. I figure I can at least give the best band of the 3 a better shot by leveling the playing field. The best band has so far 25%, while the other 2 have 35% and 40%... but they honestly were so bad everybody left my club hours before close... I cannot have them back.

Thank you so much for any help!!!

I am also an avid hockey fan... look for me in the hockey-related sections here and there! I tend not to comment much but when I do it will hopefully change minds.

Thanks again

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Unfortunately, no.

Essentially, you log on to the website, select option 1, and click vote, and then have to wait an hour.

So if someone knows how to configure a script to vote for me every hour, that would be incredible, and I would owe you a debt of gratitude (similar to 1 beer) if i were to ever meet you in person!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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