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Heatley To Montreal For Gomez And Gionta


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Look, I think the acquisitions this summer were far better than the caliber UFA we've been able to lure in recent years. However, unless Scott Gomez can produce 50 goals and some miracles, nothing he can add here in Montreal will be enough to be worth $7.3M/yr + Chris Higgins +McDonnaugh. RDS will crucify this highest paid player in Habs history at each and every bad play, and Gomez will lose confidence.

Here's the savviest trick Gainey should pull out of his sleeve: Scott Gomez + Gionta for Heatley. We do better salary cap-wise, are guaranteed a 40-50 goal scorer, he WILL be the go-to-guy he wants to be here in Montreal, and it will provide an interesting inter-division story between who wins - Montreal with Heatley or Ottawa with Kovalev.

Think smart people! The marketing behind this could make up for dismal numbers from the centennial year - done properly, that is!

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Dream on, plus people dont take salary cap into consideration when making up these deals, ottawa is trying to get rid of cap, not add 12mill worth of it minus what ever the Heatley makes.

Bad move all around, people dont like Gaineys moves this year, we have to atleast see them in action before chasing them outta town, Personally i think the moves are very good, we are fast and shifty and skilled and we are not as small as most think.

Plus you dont trade 2 forwards for one especially when one is a center which we are very low on the depth chart

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