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What Was Your Favorite Move That You Did On Nhl09?


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I have done lots of good moves on NHL09.

Here is a list of my favorite 2 moves in no perticular order:

1. Team - East All Stars

Move: I was playing as Hossa, Kovalchuk was right in front on the net, so I passed the puck to him, and then I did a deke move and scored in an open net.

2. Team - Montreal Canadiens

Move - I was skating towards the net on a breakaway playing as Tanguay, and then passed the puck to Kovalev and skated forward more, and then shot, the goalie saved it then Tanguay grabbed the puck and deked the goalie and scored 5-hole.

I have done much better moves then the ones listed above, but those 2 were just my favorite moves.

My best save:

Team - Vancouver Canucks

Save: I was controling the goalie. Someone faked the shot, and then passed it to an open man, who shot a one-timer, so I quickly slip across the goalie crease and just barely got the puck with my skate.

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