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Benoit Pouliot Loses His License For A Year


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  • 6 months later...
lol, i didnt look at the date of which this threaad was started so i wondered why it was in the around the league section and why the media didnt have anything to say about it

lol I was looking for an old thread and I saw the name Benoit Pouliot so I did a double take. I don't even remember this story so I figured I'd bump it.

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Unless you can lose your license in the how many cigarettes we can throw in our mouth contest....

It's no wonder Pouliot is doing so well here, he doesn't have to worry about any distractions:

Carey Price: Hey Benoit, want to come to my place and party

Benoit Pouliot: Sorry, I can't, I need my Mom to drive me and she's watching TV

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so if he loses his license for a year, does this mean he's taking the metro/bus?! LMAO!!!! thats kinda funny.. an nhler taking the bus on a game day.

benny, dont lose your bus schedule.

I'm pretty sure NHL players can afford taking a cab from time to time ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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