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I wanted to open a subject to people who had something close to their hearts, or a seed in their minds to share:

In Manitoba, the newspapers are finally begin to talk about a number of young aboriginal girls who are going missing, and turning up dead in the outskirts of the city of Winnipeg. It's taken a lot of time for this to become front page news, probably because most of the girls who ended up murdered were prostitutes, and honestly a pretty white girl gone missing sells more copies than a pretty native one...Its probably the same story all across Western Canada (Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton especially), there's a disproportionate number of aboriginal prostitutes out here...Perhaps it correlates with the disproportionate number of aboriginal males in prison (3/4 native in Manitoba) or with disfunctional families (most of the kids on the streets have been through Child and Family Services). People still don't like to talk about it though. I wonder if it is because most of the people who live out West are the descendants of recipients of "free land" accrued through the treaties, and thus unaware the history that precedes them, or if it is just antipathy. It's nice to say get a job, get off welfare, but right now alcohol is really destroying some northern Manitoba communities, as it has long been doing down south, a result of greater access created by mining and Hydro up north, and everything filters into Winnipeg...I don't have any answers, I volunteer at a soup kitchen regularly, and I see things that aren't right, people who are dispossessed. I know healing takes time, residential schools have left their scar, among other things, I just know it ain't right...


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My wife and I are a Foster Family for Dogs and Cats Forever a no-kill shelter here in Port St. Lucie. They are getting over-run with pets that people are just dropping off are animal control finds wandering the streets because people can't afford to keep them anymore....very sad....we are currently fostering a small white mix breed who is the victim of a savage beating..she came to us with bruises all over her and a fractured skull that has left her blind in her left eye..it is out job to get her to trust people again so she can be adopted out...we also have a Mother and five puppies that someone just dropped off outside the shelter at night.....

We do what we can to foster as many as we can,and help with fund raisers...I guess that's our "Cause" helping animals....

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