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Rip Mary Travers Of Peter, Paul & Mary

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I'm sad to report that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary fame has died, at age 72, of leukemia. She was one of the voices, along with her mates, of a generation. They were part of the folk movement in the early 60s that also included The Springfields, which first exposed the world to Dusty Springfield and her great, rich talent. Mary Travers was cut from the same cloth, but unlike Dusty, she stayed with Peter, Paul & Mary for the better part of her career and life. They became outspoken critics of the Vietnam War, and about social and political issues of the 60s.

I will never forget her polished, silky smooth voice, which really stood out. That was also a trait she had in common with Dusty, who also stood out as unique within The Springfields. Both of them had that knack of expressing themselves where you knew it was the real deal - that there was nothing fake about them. And the songs were so easy to understand, even for a youngster like I was at the time.

Now Mary and Dusty are singing in heaven, and they sure must be sounding great.

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I don't know how to say this any other way. Not very many singers move me to tears, but I was moved when I was posting on former Chicago guitarist Dawayne Bailey's forum about Mary Travers. The reason for this is that Peter, Paul & Mary represent an early childhood-mother bonding experience for me. We had a record of Puff The Magic Dragon and other songs on it, and she would play that for us time and time again. I still remember some of the other songs like it was yesterday. I loved the simplicity and passion behind their singing and music. There was nothing pretentious about it at all - just straightforward, honest, and direct. It carried a special wallop of its own.

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