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Preseason Game #2 - Ottawa Senators @ Montreal Canadiens


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Icechips is where i got the lines from. I assumed the montreal lines from yesterdays icechips.

Ice chips did help me find out the forwards , defense and goalies for the senators but I didn't know the exact lines so I just did it randomly. When I get back from school I'll look at icechips

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Tonight's lines, as per Ice Chips:



Michalek - Spezza - Alfredsson

Zubov - Regin - Neil

Kelly - Z. Smith - Winchester

Schubert - Bass - Yablonski


Campoli - Carkner

Lee - Picard

Kinrade - Cowen






Pacioretty - Plekanec - Gionta

Russell - Metropolit - Neilson

Moen - Maxwell - Glumac

Conboy - Pyatt - Wyman


Mara - Weber

Henry - Carle

Belle - Gill




This could be a tough one, folks. Their big line is playing, ours isn't and our Defense looks like it could be a little.. erm... lacking.

Let's hope for a big night from Halak!

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wooohooooooo! game 2 of preseason action.

i'm not loving the habs lineup but i like that i'll be able to check out some of the kids and see what they have to prove.

i'm also anxious to see the pleks line in action.


Heh, I think you've put that smiley at the bottom of just about every post you've made since yesterday. Happy that hockey's back, are we? :P

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Found this on Hbs I/O..

• Goal:

Curtis Sanford, Jaroslav Halak

• Expected Defence Pairings:




• Expected Forward Lines:





F Georges Laraque is being kept out of action as a precautionary measure for a minor lower-body injury. It is said to be unrelated to Laraque's back woes of last season.

D Roman Hamrlik missed practice this morning with illness and also won't be in the lineup


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Extremely interested in seeing Pleks and Gionta together tonight. I also hope Max Pac plays well enough to stay with these guys. Fast and strong; wicked combo for a young guy. I personally don't see SK74 on this line to start the year; I'm not even sure I see him in the top-12 forwards to start the year... Time will tell.

But Pleks is a huge key variable for the success of this season. I think everyone can agree, barring injuries (knock on wood), that Gomez, the Squid and AK46 are going to be a deadly line and we won't have to worry about them. The second line is major. For Gionta to bounce back to his full potential, he'll need a productive center. For Pleks to bounce back to the level he should – and absolutely must – be playing at, he needs a sniper on the wing. It's an eerie Catch 22 when you think about it. A good start is CRUCIAL for both players' confidence, especially Pleks, who had zero last year.

The third and fourth lines are going to as good as the club has had in a very long time, IMO. They will start the year underrated but won't finish it that way. Laps, Gui and whoever will be a tenaciously annoying and physically draining line to play against, to say the least.

I don't know, clearly, how Martins wants to make up the bottom six but if Big Georges is healthy and plays with Moen and then either Stewart or Metropolit, that would be border line retarded. How would anyone survive a trip to the corners?

The blue line is much-improved as well, even though every sports expert (cough, cough) in the media seems to think they'll be weak because Komi is gone. Am I the only one who thinks Komi can be a defensive liability? Three out of every five times he has to turn quickly from backwards to forwards, he ends up eatin' s@#t because he's a brutal skater. We all learned how well he fights... Anyhoo. But Gainey, shocking the world, adds no-less-than three solid d-men to replace him and that's a downgrade? Why? Because Komi blocks shots and has funny interviews with Michael "Look how gigantic my mouth full of teeth is" Landsberg? I don't buy it.

Aside from all of that, I don't need to say how important a good year from SCarey Price is. I love him as much as the next diehard Habs fan, but he had best be ready to pour out some of that talent that made him a phenom in the first place. Because I read somewhere that goaltending was an important part of winning. Who knew?

Anyway, first post ever. I'll get shorter in the future. Go Habs. Can't wait to start the year!!!!

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