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There Back! What It Feels Like!


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Anyone get that feeling? That feeling when they first stepped on the ice last night. That feeling when Spacek got off a pass to Camalleri who then gave it to Gomez as he tipped it in? Or when Camalleri took that quick shot off a pass from A.K. When the crowd chanted "P.K.! P.K.!" This tingly feeling rose from my stomach and made me shiver. There back, finally. For the first time in 3 months, I went to bed excited because of a hockey game. I woke up and watched the highlights again, then hoped on the metro with 3 different types of newspapers, even french ones, and read them all on the long journey on that damned green line. With my Habs cap on backwards and my over-worn Carey Price t-shirt on, I walked into school proud and excited. And now in class I can't suppress myself from writing this and sharing my excitement.

So my fellow Habs fans I want to know how you feel and how you felt last night after the game.

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